global finance school

Global Finance School is an online, subscription-based training and education platform that purportedly provides in-depth knowledge to help “boost your career” and climb the management ladder at your place of work “in no time at all.”

However, based on the glaring spelling errors that litter the very front page of the Global Finance School website, we’re not convinced that the program the company is offering is exactly what you’d call “high quality.”

What Is Global Finance School?

The Global Finance School website does not reveal who owns the company, who has created its training program, or any other information that would help us identify who’s behind the product.

Unsurprisingly, the site’s registration information is likewise bare when it comes to identifying the owner, as Global Finance School was registered anonymously in June of 2017 through a private domain registration service. Meanwhile, the company name is so generic that trying to find reliable information on it is next to impossible.

In other words, the only thing we know about the people behind Global Finance School is that they are terrible spellers.

Global Finance School Product

The core product Global Finance School is offering is a subscription-based service, with a fee of $19 a month, that supposedly offers you only the highest quality of financial services education and training.

The subjects that the training covers, according to the website, include the following, all of which have had their spelling corrected for this review:

  • Fundamentals Of The Stock Market
  • Fundamentals Of US Capital Markets
  • Options And Option Strategies
  • Finance For Managers And Leadership
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management

Also included are several other unspecified educational courses, plus a set of “bonus financial calculators.” No telling what that actually means.

All payments are handled through ClickBank, which provides its standard 60-day money back guarantee. Be warned that this doesn’t cover any upsells you may be presented with after joining Global Finance School, if you choose to do so.

Global Finance School Opportunity

Based on the website’s marketing copy, the opportunity you gain by enrolling in Global Finance School’s atrociously misspelled training and education is one that will supercharge your professional life by providing you with all the tools and information you need to conduct financial business.

We suppose this is great if you’re in a professional career path – if the training is worth it.

Other than that, there’s no additional income opportunity here. No affiliate marketing program, despite the fact that the service is being run through ClickBank; at least there’s no intimations of one existing. Could it be concealed behind that $19 a month pay wall? It’s certainly possible – but we haven’t unearthed any reports from Global Finance School students revealing what it’s like on the other side of the curtain.

Global Finance School Verdict

We know that we’re really riding this whole spelling thing, but we can’t get over how absolutely unprofessional this site is.

Considering how it’s supposedly targeting individuals that are interested in pursuing a more white-collar path, it’s just inconceivable that whoever is behind this program didn’t bother to run his or her marketing copy through spell check. Grammar is free, people – let’s get with the program!

Besides the unprofessional vibe it gives off, there’s no indications about the quality of the education and training itself. Vague and amorphous marketing copy isn’t necessarily a good indicator of quality.

As a result, Global Finance School isn’t exactly high on our list of trustworthy companies. Maybe if the owner actually introduced himself and gave us his credentials – or even just a small sample of the types of training members receive for their membership fee – we would view the company differently…but what do we know about marketing, right?

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