Global Wealth Trade is a network marketing company that's all about luxury goods, the designer look, and wealth…making wealth, looking wealthy, and sharing the lifestyle with consumers through the luxury brands offered through the retail program.

And it's not all just hype.

Want proof?  Check out the celebrity pictures featuring people like Gillian Anderson wearing FERI Mirage Earrings.  This is the real thing!

What Is Global Wealth Trade?

Global Wealth Trade (“GWT” from here on out) is based in Canada and started out in 2005 in Ontario.  Originally a very small jewelry company, it grew rapidly and is now a self-labeled multi-million dollar global company.

CEO and founder Ramin Mesgarlou has developed his company along the lines of featuring a very attractive compensation plan.  In fact, in 2012 it won a spot on the list of 50 highest paying compensation plans published by BusinessForHome.

GWT products are sold under house “brands”, perpetuating the luxury brand image that consumers crave.  They are:

  • Feri
    • Feri jewelry.  Sterling silver jewelry.
    • Feri optical.
    • Feri watches.
    • Feri fragrance.
    • Feri purses.
    • Feri ladies footwear.
  • Posh – Costume jewelry, watches, and accessories starting at $25.
  • Feri Mosh –  This line is 21K and 19K gold jewelry.

Feri jewelry is probably the top line in this company.  It's literally everywhere on the internet, worn by celebs, tv personalities, and models.  And it's all sold through GWT.

The jewelry itself features stunning design, mostly intricately detailed with lots of bling.  These are showpieces, outfit-makers.  Perfect for dressing up or making a casual outfit come alive.

Shoes are made from Napa leather, which is a generic industry term implying but not guaranteeing soft texture and fine quality.

Feri watches feature swiss movement, sapphire glass and a 3-year warranty, all of which signify top quality.

Global Wealth Trade Virtual Designer Mall

GWTJThe GWT compensation plan offers IBOs the chance to launch their own Virtual Designer Mall (VDM) for product sales.  The products are exclusive to GWT and featured in many prominent venues like the Emmys, fashion runways, and of course on celebrities, as mentioned earlier.

The buy-in cost starts at $169 and for that you get:

  • 50% – 60% of retail profits
  • 1 VDM
  • welcome package
  • binary team commissions (limited to $50 per cycle)
  • residual income on team sales
  • must maintain $35 monthly personal volume (PV)

There are also upgrade packages which cost $560 to $3,500.  These allow for more VDMs (up to 3), higher percentage of retail profits, and higher max limits on binary team commissions/residual income on team sales.  You also get promotional materials with the upgrade packages. In addition, each upgrade brings with it higher percentage residual income on your first generation (up to 10% with the Diamond package).

Upgraded levels also carry a higher monthly quota: $75 as opposed to $35.  For the top Diamond level, the monthly PV quota is $150.

The annual renewal fee for your VDM is $69.  The fee for re-entrance  into the program once you've failed to renew within the allotted time period is $250.

Sell without risk: The Retailer level

There is also a Retailer level, where you may sell products without investing in the welcome package or having to maintain a monthly personal volume quota.  Of course GWT will let you upgrade to a ranked level at any time.

They'll also let you cancel your membership within a 10-day “cooling off” period.  The refund you get is for product but not for the base $169 enrollment package fee.  They will also charge a fee worth 5% of the original VDM cost.

If luxury designer goods appeal to you, Global Wealth Trade might be the network marketing opportunity for you.  With a super attractive (yet a bit expensive) compensation plan, several quality brands to choose from and a top-notch marketing behind you, you're off to a running start with GWT.

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