Global Test Market

Global Test Market is a paid survey company offering individuals an income opportunity.  For companies, it offers market research projects managed by Lightspeed GMI.

The Company

Global Test Market has been around since the early days of the internet.  Founded in 1999, they are an offshoot of a marketing research company called Lightspeed GMI.  Lightspeed GMI is an active, global leader in surveys, data processing, political profiling, sampling, and tracking of data.  They are actually a preeminent provider of market research.


The Product

The product is custom designed surveys which are commissioned and paid for by big companies from around the world.  Clients include Fortune 500 corporations who rely on Lightspeed GMI's relationship with Global Test Market to procure quality, accurate, up-to-date, highly focused market opinion and consumer data.

Companies are willing to pay for people to take these surveys because the data is valuable to them.  It's used for developing new products, improving quality, or planning future services.

Even negative feedback is welcome, since it helps companies determine weak spots in their product or services.  Surveys are emailed to members and there is a set period of time during which they may take the survey.

Members do not get access to all the surveys in the system.  Some surveys will be suitable and others won't.  It depends on who the client company wants to query.  Your profile determines which surveys get sent to you.  Therefore, the more accurate and complete your profile is, the more likely you'll be to find relevant surveys in your inbox every day.

Global Test Market Opportunity

The opportunity is for anyone who wants, to contribute to Global Test Market's data pool by taking surveys.  Their clients, companies paying for market research, pay for this info, hence “paid surveys”.

It's a way to make money online.  There's no learning curve, really, and no experience required.  It's very easy, in fact, because all you have to do is answer questions truthfully and sharing your thoughts.

Global Test Market's surveys pay an average of $5 per survey.  They take about 15 minutes to complete and you can even do it right on your phone.

Companies who need their data faster pay more than the average.  Likewise, some surveys are longer than others, and they pay more too.

Registering is free and there are no fees to pay.  There are 4 million members spread across 40 countries.  In 2014, Global Test Market paid out more than $32 million in earnings to its members.

Taking surveys results in the accumulation of points.  Points can be redeemed  through a cash deposit to your PayPal account.  Alternatively, you can redeem points for rewards like gift cards from major department stores or Amazon.  There are over 200 retail partners to choose from.  Finally, you may also turn your points into a donation to a charitable organization.

There are also sweepstakes, although they are not offered in every country.


The Verdict

Paid surveys is not a glamorous job, but if you find yourself opting for this avenue of income, Global Test Market is a good one to go with.  Their close relationship with Lightspeed GMI bolsters their image, since Lightspeed GMI is sufficiently professional, credible and successful.

Case in point: their blog is extremely fascinating with articles on such things as “Leveraging Social Intelligence Tools: How Trump Can Avoid Blowing SNL Hosting Gig” and “Three Predictions for Marketing Research in 2016”.  This company is on the ball, clearly a thought leader in marketing, not just another provider of market research.

The company employs people from all walks of life, including more recently a large panel of IT professionals providing data for the B2B sector surveys.

I almost want to take a few surveys myself, just to say I was part of this exciting research company.  Their Political Profiler service is equally fascinating, especially given that we're now in an election year.  It's described as a “data-driven snapshot of America's changing political views…”.  I would recommend giving Global Test Market a try if you're interested in doing paid surveys.

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