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GMT Forex bills itself as a foreign exchange trading platform that provides Forex trade signals – supposedly from “experienced Forex traders” – that offers investment opportunities and an affiliate recruitment program as well. However, the truth is that GMT Forex is simply a high-yield interest program (HYIP) in disguise.

What Is GMT Forex?

There’s nothing on the GMT Forex website that reveals who’s behind the company. There is a Companies House document that provides information on the official registration for the business, which is linked to an address in London. However, the address is for a well-known antique and jewelry dealer, which makes us feel that the registrant provided a false company address.

The Companies House document also reveals that the company’s sole listed executive is named Orlando Jones, with an address linked to a residential neighborhood near London. Finding any direct information on Orlando Jones has proven to be highly difficult, as he shares the name with a fairly well-known American actor; this may be coincidental, but it also could be signs that the Companies House registration may have been done with a false name as well as a false address.

Finally, the website’s registration data reveals little to nothing, with the identity of the registrant concealed behind a private domain registration service. The only thing we know is that the site was registered in April of 2017, about a month before GMT Forex was registered with Companies House. Alexa site info reveals the majority of the website’s traffic does come from the UK, with Russia close behind.

In any case, it’s always a bad idea to get involved with any financial services company that isn’t completely transparent about their ownership and executive board.

GMT Forex Product

GMT Forex claims that it provides “trade signals” from its investors that members can then copy in order to make their own investments on the Forex market. However, in order to “streamline” the process, GMT Forex has six different “tariff plans” (read: investment tiers) that members can simply invest in for a fixed ROI, much like any other HYIP. These tiers and their terms are as follows, complete in their sometimes misspelled form:

  • Standart (obviously misspelled): $150, with a daily ROI of between $1.40 and $2.20
  • Classic: $450, with a daily ROI of between $4.30 and $6.60
  • Professional: $900, with a daily ROI of between $8.40 and $13.20
  • Elegant: $1800, with a daily ROI of between $16.80 and $26.40
  • Premium: $3600, with a daily ROI of between $33.60 and $52.80
  • VIP: $7200, with a daily ROI of between $67 and $105

Investors can buy into the system by paying in Bitcoin or several other payment processors such as Payza, Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer, or SolidTrust Pay.

GMT Forex Opportunity

As with almost every HYIP out there, GMT Forex has a complex affiliate system. Members can earn direct commissions on recruiting new recruits, building a unilevel team up to nine tiers deep depending on how much the member has in personal funds tied up in the system.

“Standart” investors receive commissions 5 levels deep, starting at 7% from direct recruits and diminishing to 1% on level 5 recruits. Investors ranging from Classic to Premium progressively unlock one more tier of commissions until reaching maximum; VIP and Elite also provide the same commission rates.

Additionally, for Professional-level affiliates and greater, there are other bonuses you’re entitled to. One of these is the Leader bonus (sometimes spelled “Lider” bonus), which provides you one-time bonuses of $1500, $4500, or $9000 if you have 100 active partners across three to five tiers of downline.

GMT Forex Verdict

The deeper you read into GMT Forex, the more is revealed about how shoddily put-together the website and company is. At first, GMT Forex tries to come across as a legitimate Forex trade signals platform, but with the addition of the HYIP investment tiers and the affiliate program – not to mention the atrocious spelling that gets progressively worse as you delve deeper into the website – it’s obvious that, in the end, getting involved with GMT Forex is a bad idea.

Even if the site wasn’t incredibly unprofessional, there’s not actually any verifiable proof that any Forex trading is going on behind the scenes here. GMT Forex just tells you to trust it and let it handle everything for you while you blithely go about your business of giving them money and convincing others to do the same.

Don’t be fooled by GMT Forex – it’s a mess.

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