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Go Last Minute Review

golastminute-reviewGo Last Minute is an online travel site that promises to find the best last minute deals to anywhere in the world from your destination. Here’s our Go Last Minute review.

What Is Go Last Minute?

Go Last Minute is an online travel agent that lists some of the best last minute travel deals from your part of the world.

These last minute travel deals aren’t quite as last minute as you might think: typically, the listed deals are for flights that leave within 7 to 10 days. The days of catching a cheap flight 1 or 2 days from right now are gone – but you can still find good fares within a week or two of leaving.

In addition to featuring flights, Go Last Minute features last minute deals on total vacation packages as well as hotels, cruises, and cars.

The site functions as an aggregator, taking some of the best deals from travel sites like Expedia and Flight Centre.

How Does Go Last Minute Work?

Go Last Minute claims that its “expert editorial team” scours the internet every day to find the best last minute travel deals.

You can visit GoLastMinute.com to view these travel deals. Or, you can subscribe to the company’s newsletter to receive free daily travel deals in your inbox every morning.

Whether you’re searching for flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, or packages, Go Last Minute lets you enter your current destination and your desired destination to view deals in that area.

After typing in a search, Go Last Minute will open a window from BookingBuddy.com. That window will reveal separate pages from five popular booking websites, including FlightHub, Expedia.ca, Hipmunk, TripAdvisor, and OneTravel.

By comparing deals from all 5 of these websites, you can purportedly get the lowest flight or hotel packages on your destination.

Depending on your route, you might also get the opportunity to book with other travel sites, including Cheapoair or Travelocity. Orbitz also comes up on some searches (like for car rentals).

After redirecting you to each of the five above sites, each site will prompt you to click on more search engines to find even better flight deals.


We Tested Go Last Minute

We tested Go Last Minute to see if it could match up against popular un-based flight finding tools like my personal favorite, flights.google.com.

So how did it match up?

To test both services, I put in flights from Calgary, Alberta to Raleigh, North Carolina leaving within less than a week of the current date.

All of the flight finding search engines came up with pretty much identical results. Google Flights found one cheaper flight at $625 CAD, but all other services agreed that the cheapest flight was $663 CAD round trip.

Even TripAdvisor, which is notorious for its high fees, found the same $663 flight.

This isn’t too surprising when you consider that Go Last Minute just works as an aggregator other aggregator sites. TripAdvisor, for example, lists flight deals from flight booking companies like Faregeek and FlightHub. CheapoAir and Google Flights works in the same way.

Meanwhile, the last minute package deals for vacations included vacations to Vegas, the Caribbean, and other sunny destinations.

These vacations from sourced from a variety of different sources, including Expedia, FlightCentre, and two sites called CheapCaribbean and Liberty Travel, among many others.

Flights and vacations are also available across Europe and around the world – so you’re not just restricted to North America’s sunny destinations.

Ultimately, Go Last Minute is a vacation aggregator site that takes information from multiple sources and ranks that information from cheapest to most expensive to help you save money on your upcoming travel.


About Go Last Minute

Go Last Minute was created by a company named GraphicBomb. That company is based in Seattle at the following address:

93 S Jackson St #31833

Seattle, WA 98104

The company calls itself “a fast growing online advertising company for the travel industry”. GraphicBomb owns and operates GoLastMinute.

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