goal setting formula

The Goal Setting Formula is a personal development e-book that teaches individuals how to change their lives for the better by applying the practice of setting goals for the future.

What Is Goal Setting Formula?

The Goal Setting Formula is written by Shawn Lim, a personal development coach from Malaysia. Lim owns and operates the website Stunning Motivation, where he provides personal development information to the masses.

Lim claims to have worked in the field of personal development for seven years.

Goal Setting Formula Product

The Goal Setting Formula is a $7 e-book, sold through ClickBank, that will purportedly teach the reader the strategies and tactics needed to achieve your biggest dreams. Lim claims to use the simple strategy of “goal setting” in a step-by-step manner.

The details of the Goal Setting Formula course are not readily available on the website, as the majority of the copy is short on substance.

There are several testimonials from supposedly satisfied customers claiming that the techniques in the e-book have changed their life for the better; the rest of the site contains inspirational quotes from well-known public figures that support Lim's core concept that “goal setting” will steer your life in a positive direction.

Goal Setting Formula Opportunity

The opportunity presented by The Goal Setting Formula is ostensibly to learn how to use step-by-step goal setting to achieve better personal and financial success.

There's no other opportunities visible; while Lim does promote the e-book through ClickBank, there's no discernible trace of any affiliate marketing opportunity attached to the product.

Goal Setting Formula Verdict

It's hard to evaluate a product such as Goal Setting Formula. While there's always merit in using personal development products to some degree, the entire industry is built upon the subjective, perceived value of the products in question rather than more concrete, substantive evaluation methods.

That being said, there are several testimonials on the Goal Setting Formula site. None of these testimonials look falsified, as there's no clues that indicate the individuals depicted are done so through stock image photos or, worse yet, paid actors.

This tactic is used most often with products that are less than effective in order to provide a veneer of respectability where there wouldn't be otherwise, so the use of real people leaving real testimonials is a mark in the product's favor.

Additionally, many internet marketers use fabricated identities to sell products such as these, but this isn't the case with Goal Setting Formula.

Lim has a searchable public persona and even maintains a personal web site, making it easy to verify him in the context of presenting the product as his own and being transparent enough to stand behind the product.

This is likewise a good sign – one that is sadly otherwise missing in many other products.

Finally, the price of the e-book is quite affordable at just $7. With the addition of ClickBank's standard 60 day refund, there's literally no risk to be had.

The only caveat we can offer is that many internet marketers will offer a very low priced initial product and then provide the opportunity for upsells afterwards, and these upsells aren't covered by the initial guarantee.

There's no indications that this is the case with this product, but there's also no sign that this isn't the case either, so it's simply something to be aware of and to keep an eye out for.

In the end, you're more than welcome to try out Lim's product to see if it resonates with you and if its contents are helpful. It's highly affordable and is practically risk free.

There's no knowing if it's going to work for you until you do check it out, however, so be sure to read the entire e-book and give it some time to apply the techniques listed within to see if they work; then, and only then, will investing in any other products that Lim offers be something you might want to pursue.

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