gold rush cash

Gold Rush Cash is a simple cash gifting scheme that will supposedly provide you with $5700 per cycle for participating. Here’s our Gold Rush Cash review.

What Is Gold Rush Cash?

Gold Rush Cash is a cash gifting scheme that provides you opportunities to cycle through a 4-tier 2×2 matrix as many times as you like, with the net result of you earning $5700 every time you complete a cycle.

Gold Rush Cash Features

Gold Rush Cash requires you to pay a fee to join the program before then recruiting people in turn to fill your matrix. Each recruit earns you a cash payment in turn; to transition from one tier to another, where payments increase, you need to reinvest a portion of your gains from completing each tier.

  • Completing the 1st level provides members $400, $300 of which is needed to unlock the next tier.
  • Completing the 2nd level provides members $1200, $500 of which is needed to progress.
  • Completing the 3rd level provides $2000, $1000 of which moves you up to the last level, which nets you $4000.

Members can then start over at level 1 once more.

Who Makes Gold Rush Cash?

There’s no information on who runs Gold Rush Cash. The site has no contact details, and the website’s registration info only reveals that it was registered in early April of 2017; the registrant’s name is concealed by a private domain registration service.

Gold Rush Cash Materials

You get nothing for becoming a Gold Rush Cash member. The only thing you can do is market the membership and recruit others into the program.

Gold Rush Cash Pricing

It costs $100 to get started with Gold Rush Cash. It also costs an additional $100 to begin a new cycle after completing one.

Gold Rush Cash Reviews

Nobody has anything positive to say about Gold Rush Cash. The site is a blatant cash gifting scheme, which classifies it as an illegal scam in most countries. The only people who view Gold Rush Cash positively are those who are involved in it and are actively seeking recruits.

Gold Rush Cash Verdict

Cash gifting schemes simply don’t work, at least not in the long run.

In order to make money in such a scam, you need to recruit heavily. Finding direct recruits usually isn’t the problem – it’s making sure those direct recruits can find people of their own to power them through the cycle so that you have someone sending you ever-increasing cash gifts.

Such recruitment drives often fail. Once this happens, cash gifting schemes collapse under their own weight, and the only people who make any money are those at the top of the pyramid – the anonymous admins who accept cash gifts from everyone without having to pay a sponsor themselves.

In other words, the only way to ensure you make money from a cash gifting scheme like Gold Rush Cash is to be the scammer running the thing in the first place.

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