Golfboard Review

Golf is a traditional sport that does not have many innovative products. More merchandise in the golf field is updated or enhanced, but very few people are creative or inspired enough to transform the way the game is performed through the use of technology – that is, until one brand decided to debut its latest product in the 2014 PGA Merchandise Store.

Welcome to an easier, stress-free, and refreshing way to enjoy your golf game. Instead of relying upon a traditional golf cart to get you around, you may be much more interested in using the latest piece of technology, called the Golfboard.

What Is the Golfboard?

The Golfboard debuted in the 2014 Merchandise Show, where it was recognized as the “Best New Product” among those at the event and others. The product is one of the best and most innovative alternatives to the traditional golf cart that you see cluttering the golf course. The board is widely used in the most forward golf courses and it has quickly become a favorite among players.


Essentially, the Golfboard acts as a stand-up golf cart that you can ride much like a skateboard. The board has both forward and reverse mode, just in case you need to trek back.

Speedy – But Not Too Fast

The Golfboard operates at just the right speed. There are dual speed settings that allow you to interchange between 5 mph and 10 mph. The speed allows you to move the board across a 25 or more mile range.

To operate, the board utilizes electricity, which means that you need to change your board. While this may seem like a hassle, charging is actually very simple and it takes almost no time at all. Before you visit the golf course, simply plug in the board and let it charge so you have enough energy to get around.


A Smooth Glide

You’d think that since you’re using a board to get around, the ride would be much bumpier than a golf cart. To the contrary though, using the Golfoard is a fun and smooth experience. It is designed to provide you with gentle movement and the lack of bumpiness protect you and the items that you are carrying with you on the board.

The board also has automatic regenerative breaking that provides you with a smooth and gentle deceleration. There is no skidding involved and using the breaking system is fully safe and reliable. Just in case you are concerned, the board also features a safety break. The break can be put up when the board is not in use and it will protect the board from rolling away.

Perfect for Older and Younger Golfers

The inventor of the product is Don Wildman and while it may seem that he created the product for a younger generation of golfers, the opposite is true. The board is perfect for anyone looking for a smooth and updated ride to getting around the golf course. When using the board, you can accelerate it to about 12 mph. In addition, the board is a revolutionary and interesting technological advantage. You can get to the next spot without having to deal with a bulky and uncomfortable golf cart.

Environmentally Friendly

For those who are interested in protecting the environment, the board is the perfect product. Unlike traditional golf carts that run on gas, the board sports a friendly lithium-ion battery. The battery is completely rechargeable so that you can get around without having to fill up a tank. In addition, since the battery is made out of lithium, you can expect it to be high-quality and to last you for years to come.

A Faster Pace of Golf Play

If you are frustrated with the long pace of a golf game, then this board is the perfect way to speed things up. The developers of the product tested the product through extensive time trials, finding that the average round on the product is 2:37. If you’re familiar with the golf game, then this number is astounding.

With these numbers, you’ll be able to play 36 holes in five hours. You can read more about the speed study conducted on the product through the brand’s website. There are also some excellent quotes from those using the product. For example, Stina Sternberg, the Golf Digest Global Golf Director remarked, “If every golf course offered Golfboards, golf would be the most popular sport in the world.”

Four Wheel Posi Traction

The Golfboard is perhaps one of the coolest pieces of technology that you can sport on the golf course. The board has 4 wheel posi traction, which is a step up from the unreliable chains and belts that you deal with on a traditional golf cart. The traction technology also lends itself to the product’s low-maintenance quality, it makes it safer, more reliable, and easier to use.

The four wheel posi traction are:

  • Powertrain
  • Drivetrain
  • Intuitive Control
  • 4” Turf Tires

With each of these qualities, you receive an ergonomic design, thumb throttle, a stable structure, safety mechanisms, and the device can be driven over golf course turf very easily.

The Handling

For those who are concerned, the handling of the product is superb. The makers of the product incorporated “Spring Deck” technology, which utilizes flexible and adjustable spring plates on each end of the product. In addition, the board has great suspension and flex and industrial-grade electronics.

To make your ride even smoother, the board has effective shock absorbers. This way, the board features the lowest possible center of gravity and a surf-like experience. You’ll love how well the board handles and the way it glides over the terrain without trouble.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing the Golfboard, then you can do so through the brand’s website. You also do not need to fully purchase the product, as the brand allows you to lease it instead. Leasing a Golfboard is a great option, especially if you do not plan on using the board regularly like other golfers.


The Golfboard ranks very well among golf products and it has achieved stellar ratings. If you would like to enjoy a faster, better, and more convenient game, then the Golfboard is the perfect product for you.

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