GoProfyts is an online training platform that provides education on several different methods for making money over the internet. In addition, GoProfyts offers an affiliate marketing program for those who want to promote the service for commission-based income.

What Is GoProfyts?

There’s nothing directly on the GoProfyts website that intimates who owns the company. Some research has uncovered a name associated with it, though – ThirtyNine 309 – but this company has zero internet presence besides an empty Facebook page and a non-functional website.

The GoProfyts site was registered anonymously in May of 2017. The ThirtyNine 309 site itself is registered to a Hadi Dabbabi, with an address in Tunisia.

In other words, we really don’t know who’s behind GoProfyts at this time.

GoProfyts Product

GoProfyts offers several different pathways to making money on the internet, separated into four different tiers – Starter, Intermediate, Pro, and Elite. Each of these levels introduce a handful of ways to make money on the internet; these methods can include doing short tasks like taking surveys and engaging in pay-per-click schemes, but the highest levels involve becoming an online affiliate marketer for digital or physical goods and services.

The epitome of the GoProfyts system is a secondary program on the Elite level entitled GoVendor. This software appears to be some sort of automated affiliate campaign management program.

Access to GoProfyts is advertised at a retail price of $390. However, the company is offering a “discounted” price of just $97.50 in one payment – $1 up front for a three-day trial, and then $96.50 thereafter. There’s also a bi-weekly payment plan of 20 payments of $4.95, equaling $99.

Research has shown that GoProfyts sometimes offers GoVendor access separately as part of an upsell and sometimes offers it bundled with a purchase of GoProfyts. Whether this is the case at this time is unknown.

Sales are handled through ClickBank, which provides a 60-day money back guarantee on initial purchases.

GoProfyts Opportunity

Individuals who want to promote the product as an affiliate are welcome to do so. Affiliates can reap an attractive 75% commission rate on all sales.

Additionally, affiliates can access the core GoProfyts product for a massively discounted price as well – a total of $19.50 if they purchase it with the use of a supplied discount code. A further $13 discount in the form of a commission rebate is available for anyone who purchases the product through their own affiliate link, making the total cost to an affiliate just $6.50.

GoProfyts Verdict

Seems to us that the best way to maximize your GoProfyts opportunity is to immediately skip to marketing this product as an affiliate, as this turns a nearly $100 cost to just $6.50. However, with no way of knowing whether this program contains useful information – and no way of knowing who designed these educational products because of the lack of company transparency – we’re not too confident regarding the actual value GoProfyts. We would approach this one with a modicum of caution.

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