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Gorilla Marketing Pro – or GMP for short – is an internet marketing training and education platform that provides information to individuals looking to become online affiliate marketers. The platform also offers the ability to earn some referral-based income for recruiting new members.

What Is Gorilla Marketing Pro?

GMP is run by two internet marketers known as Randy Thomas and Tim Sebert, who together have approximately 40 years of affiliate experience. They are likely members of 10X World, an overarching affiliate training and education platform that claims ownership of the GMP site according to the site’s own fine print. A cursory web search reveals little else about 10X World, besides that it is based in North Carolina and that it runs a number of different commission-based affiliate sites similar to GMP.

Gorilla Marketing Pro Product

The core product of GMP is in fact a free membership that provides a large quantity of training and information to nascent internet marketers. This free training takes the form of webinars, videos, and associated PDF texts and covers various topics, including how to grow email lists, how to leverage social media, how to engage in effective SEO strategies, and so on.

For individuals who want more support – and more opportunity – Gorilla Marketing Pro has two additional levels of membership as well. These additional tiers, Platinum and Platinum Plus, are $10 a month and $25 a month respectively, and subscribing to these tiers provides additional tools such as use of an autoresponder service, a custom landing page builder, and other similar services and tools.

Gorilla Marketing Pro Opportunity

While Gorilla Marketing Pro primarily bills itself as a training and education platform, even the free version of the service offers a way to create very limited affiliate income for yourself. By recruiting additional free members, a GMP affiliate can earn $0.10 for everyone that signs up using his or her affiliate link.

If this isn’t enough for you – and to be honest, it shouldn’t be – upgrading to Platinum or Platinum Plus increases your ability to earn affiliate income by a substantial margin. Platinum members can receive a monthly residual commission of $10 for every Platinum member they recruit, plus an additional one-time payment of $6 for every Free member they recruit that upgrades to Platinum. Meanwhile, subscribing to the Platinum Plus tier of membership increases the monthly commission from $10 to $15 a month, providing heightened opportunities for earning referral-based income.

Gorilla Marketing Pro Verdict

Gorilla Marketing Pro is an excellent resource for new affiliates to learn the ropes – and also to begin earning trace amounts of referral income by promoting the system. It’s also a good source of low-to-mid level commission-based income for Platinum and Platinum-Plus members, though as the site is designed for newbies, there’s always the chance of recruits “aging out” of the system and moving on to greener pastures.

That being said, affiliates who wish to start out with GPM or who wish to add it to a portfolio of affiliate marketing opportunities could likely do much worse than choosing this program, as it’s ideal for individuals looking to learn more about affiliate marketing methods.

However, we do need to add that there may be some hidden costs associated with this program. Starting as a Platinum or Platinum-Plus member does require an additional one-time “activation” fee of $10, and you are likely to be approached by your sponsor as a potential recruit for other affiliate businesses they may run.

As long as you’re not opposed to being exposed to these possible extra costs, there’s nothing inherently wrong with GMP or its affiliate program besides the aforementioned longevity issue with recruits who move on to greener pastures.

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