GramKosh is a software platform for organizing and managing internet marketing campaigns on the Instagram social media site.

What Is GramKosh?

GramKosh was created by Jai Sharma, who leads a team of developers known as GeekoTech. The company has been developing SEO-related and other marketing tools for several years, including programs such as VidVio, Rebake, Live Suite PRO, and Rank Cipher.

Sharma himself is a wildly successful marketer, having made $1.4 million in 14 months from back-to-back product launches.

GramKosh Product

GramKosh is a software platform designed to streamline and automate many of the tasks and duties that social media managers face while using Instagram as a tool for internet marketing.

The program offers marketers ways to schedule and draft Instagram posts from their desktop for automatic posting at later dates, post Instagram stories, and edit images before posting them.

In addition to these posting and scheduling tools, GramKosh also offers video training and tutorials, analytics reporting, Instagram synced e-commerce sites, blogs, or affiliate sites, and includes access to a members-only Instagram marketers community.

GramKosh is fully compatible with both Mac and PC platforms. There are three different tiers of the software program available, all with differing prices and capabilities:

The Basic Plan provides access to GramKosh for one Instagram account for $45. The Premium Plan provides GramKosh usage for up to three Instagram accounts and comes with added functionality such as quicker support response and access to deeper resources for $47.

The Dedicated Plan provides even more functionality, including exclusive training materials, for $97.

GramKosh Opportunity

In addition to the product itself, GeekoTech offers an affiliate program through JVZoo. Affiliates with a JVZoo account can earn 50% commissions by marketing the product.

According to GeekoTech's JVZoo page, there are up to 9 additional products in the GramKosh sales funnel that affiliates can earn commissions on as well. These products are unspecified.

GramKosh Verdict

Social media marketing is big business, especially because marketers using Instagram can do so with little to no cash outlay – the majority of Instagram marketing requires sweat equity.

This is perhaps the only drawback – managing multiple Instagram accounts and organizing post schedules by hand can be exhausting and involve a lot of labor.

GramKosh purports to make it easier by being able to schedule posts and stories as well as edit images to be used in these posts.

This could be a major boon to anyone managing large Instagram marketing campaigns by taking much of the grunt work off of their hands, freeing them up to focus on other facets of their marketing campaigns.

As far as whether the software program works effectively, GramKosh seems like a relatively solid product when it comes to an Instagram marketing platform.

Its creator Jai Sharma has a strong reputation for creating products that sell quite well, what with $1.4 million in revenue earned through JVZoo from the same of his products.

The site of tools that GramKosh comes with seems deep enough to justify its cost. The price itself is affordable with the largest introductory package under $100, but anyone interested in the product itself should be aware that the company does have up to 9 upsells waiting in the wings for you.

From an internet marketer perspective, GramKosh also looks like a solid opportunity. A 50% commission rate is more than fair, and with a deep sales funnel it offers marketers plenty of chances to earn additional commissions on top of the initial sale.

However, since the identity of the rest of these upsells is unknown, we can't provide any information on them or offer our thoughts on how well they will sell, their possible value to customers, and so on.

This could be one sticking point that might result in reality not meeting your expectations as a marketer of this product.

However, with Sharma and GeekoTech's previous track record, we feel comfortable recommending this product directly for Instagram marketers and for those looking to earn affiliate income as a reseller.


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