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Cardone Sales Training University

Cardone Sales Training University is an online sales training and sales management portal.


The Company

The Cardone Sales Training University which began in 2010 was founded by businessman and entrepreneur Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone has over 30 years of experience in the world of sales, is a bestselling author with NY Times, a television producer, star of Turn Around King, and also a well known radio host. He has worked with companies like Google and Toyota and many more, and he runs four successful businesses.

The Self proclaimed “#1 Sales System in The World”; Cardone Sales Training University works with both individuals and companies alike from small corporations to Fortune 500 Companies. They are professed in customizing a unique sales process, providing virtual meetings, testing, detailed reporting, and sales solutions that will ultimately yield the most effectiveness.

The Product

Sales Training: Providing a personal or business assessment, they custom tailor an offering to the client's target audience and addresses their unique business sales goals and challenges.
The sales training curriculum includes:

    • Selling Basics: In this lesson they cover the basics that sales leaders need to know to be successful and grow further with a strong platform to build from. Course takeaways include; Increasing sales activity, learning about the most important sale ever, how to embody the mindset to dominate sales, and how to master the management of time.


  • Sales Process: This lesson focuses on perfecting the sales process and increasing sales with a unique approach. Course takeaways include; Learn to increase sales with a perfected sales process, learn sales presentation tips to increase sales, discover the best practices for negotiation and finding out facts, learn industry leading strategies and advice for increasing sales, and learn how to double client proposals.
  • Theory of Closing: Learning to close a deal requires an understanding of the closing process and how to master it, this lesson dives into a deeper understanding of what makes or breaks a close. Course takeaways include; 3 things that make or break you in a close, mistakes made in a close, how to advance your closing strategies, how to shorten the sales cycle by 50% and how never to negotiate a price again.
  • Closing Strategies: With guidance on handling objections and boosting confidence with rebuttals in-turn boots sales. This course gives a better understanding of the best words to use to close a sale. Course takeaways include; 120 rebuttals, situational negotiation breakdowns, 17 stall killers, and learning advanced closing strategies.
  • Incoming Calls: This course reviews the most critical points to touch upon with an incoming sales call. With a format designed so that your sales team sets more appointments, get more information and closes more leads. Course takeaways include; Learn the 1 Call Close, how to set an appointment that always shows up, controlling the call not the caller, and the BULLETPROOF incoming call script.
  • Internet Lead Response: Knowing what mistakes to avoid is critical is moving closer to a sale. This course guides your team in understanding an online customer and how to turn them into a viable sale. Course takeaways include; Increasing contacts by 900%, learn the one thing that can kill your chances of closing, learn the Cardone internet lead response process and learn the 10 mistakes that nearly every company makes with internet leads.
  • Prospecting: The prospecting course dives into mastering the prospecting process and how to identify and work with sales ready prospects. Course takeaways include; Mastering prospecting with one technique, learn about the easiest sales call that you will ever make, learn scripts for outbound sales calls, and the 9 hottest lead techniques that you are overlooking.
  • Follow-Up: The Follow-Up course lays out a road map to success in being remembered, standing out and never running out of new ways to follow up with a prospect.
  • 100 Ways to Stay Motivated: Keeping a team properly motivated is the driving force to this lesson. Course takeaways include; Learn how to motivate your team, find your personal motivation switch, 3 ways to sustain motivation, and how to master goal setting.
  • Top Traits of Great Salespeople: Learning the habits of a successful sales person is the focus of this lesson with a deeper understanding for every stage of becoming and staying successful. Course takeaways include; Learn the secrets that only the successful know about, the Cardone path to greatness, surrounding yourself with successful sales persons, and how the great ones handle both success and failure.


Salesperson Skills Assessment: Their templated Pre-Hire Skill Assessment Tool assists with job postings that filter any new potential talents before they are even sent to the hiring manager. This tool allows an organization to post jobs not only within the organization but also on up to 4 reputable job listing sites and post to Indeed directly for paid advertising of the position.

Sales Opportunity Assessments: Building a profile of the needs of the sales team, they offer a free assessment that will give them an understanding of the company's sales process and challenges, which gives them a broader view and understanding of the metrics that need improvement within the sales process. They define sales channels and processes, they diagnose deficiencies, they offer pre-sales process consulting, collect sales conversion data for evaluation and identify other potential revenue opportunities, and the impact of those revenues.

Online Training: Cardone Sales Training University features over 1500 fully interactive online sales training and sales management video courses. The website also offers free eBook resources available even before signing up.


The Opportunity

Enrolling as an individual member of the Cardone Sales Training University online, you have the opportunity to gain 1 year of instant access to all of the online video lessons for a total of $995. Whereas typically each video topic would include its own access fee.

With 24-7 access to over 1500 fully interactive segmented video lessons, plus they are also including two additional bonus programs as well.

The free bonus programs, which are brand new programs, include the following:

  • Mastering the Cold Call, with 60 segmented online video courses
  • Mastermind Group, which features 52 weekly live online coaching sessions

The Verdict

This offer is for a very niche target audience, for the entrepreneur, the go-getter who wants to succeed. What I find to be a nice feature is that they offer free access if you would like to jump in and browse around and preview the courses before you decide to make the investment.

The offer is for an individual rather than a business with only 12 months to get through 1500 video lessons. They recommend doing 6 segments daily however that does not take into account the additional 60 bonus courses included in the “Master the Cold Call” segment and the 52 live sessions for the “Mastermind Group.

In short, this is a great offer should you have the time to invest in the courses. Keeping in mind that repeated content is retained better over time; watching them twice might be a good idea. The benefit is that there is not a physical university to attend, so you can watch when you want and where you want, on your own time. Consider the investment of time versus still being able to run your business as well. They do offer a money back guarantee, so the investment just might be worth the time at the end of the year.

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