growth champ

Growth Champ is an online platform that helps you manage your social media accounts. The idea behind Growth Champ is to help you increase your brand and revenue.

What is Growth Champ?

The site was registered December 2015. There are no names or company affiliation to the site. However, as stated on the website, there are four offices. Two are located in California, one in Timil Nadu and one in Bangalore, Karnataka.

When looking into the addresses provided, 340 S. Lemon Ave #5656 Walnut, CA indicates that the address is also linked to Fame Express. Fame Express is a company that offers web products and services. They also have an address located in Whitefield Main Road in Bangalore which happens to be the same address that Growth Champs lists on their site as well. What seems a little suspicious is their San Francisco address that links Growth Champ to Izakaya Ninja restaurant.

The Product

Growth Champ will link your twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts and help you boost your brand or service. The pricing for Growth Champ comes in three stages. The first stage is completely free. Once you gain 50 new followers are then required to purchase a plan. You can pay in monthly installments of $99 a month and get unlimited followers. Or you can choose the yearly plan at $997 for the year with unlimited followers as well.

For the price, you are paying you are basically handing over your social media accounts to them. They take care of all the posting required to keep your account looking fresh. Their team interacts with your clients or customers and helps you to get noticed on these different media sites.

Growth Champ Verdict

Let's face, not all of us has the time to keep up with all the social media accounts. That is where Growth Champ comes in. But there are several things that make this company seem a little fishy.

First off the addresses listed on the site are completely out of whack. Why would a reputable company list an address that doesn't link directly to their company? Plus why block your address during registering when you are just going to post it online? Maybe it is because those addresses listed aren't their actually address.

Another thing that seems a little off is how there is little information provided on the site as to what is offered. On the sales/ landing page, you get stats of what other say. There are three testimonies in total. That doesn't scream confidence. It is probably the creators of the site blasting their own horn to get people interested.

Secondly, out of all the social media sites, Facebook isn't even mentioned. Growth Champ states that they will post content for you, but who's to say they will post the right stuff? They mention on their site that they know what will go viral, but no proof to back it up.

You might be lured in with the fact that they offer your first 50 followers for free. But after that, the price goes through the roof. Do yourself a favor and steer clear. It could be just a way for them to steal your money with monthly payments and not provide you the followers you need to grow your business.

There are just too many things unknown about this company from the lack of a name to wrong addresses. There are just too many red flags that make it seem an unattractive to do business with.

You never know if these people are actually going to give you the content you need, or if they are just going to get their friends involved to boost your followers up to 50 and then make you pay the monthly payment.

You might want to test them first and see what kind of things they post to your accounts. But be careful. They could just be fishing for people to build their lists by picking your clients and redirecting them somewhere else. You just never know and you should be aware.

The last thing you want is to have someone steal your clients or customers or add links to your account that directs them to Growth Champ's affiliate accounts.


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