H9 Hydrogen-Rich Structured Water

H9 Water is a drinkable water that has added nutrients and minerals to help increase the hydration of your cells.

About H9 Water

The company is based in Fort Worth and Bedford, Texas. It was started when Dr. Gerald Pollack, and other scientists, had a scientific breakthrough discovering structured water. Dr. Pollack is a “water scientist” and is a Ted Talk contributor.

The company’s mission is to “Bring the best water science to the world.”


The Product

The product is a drinkable water that is unlike normal water. It contains minerals that are: activating, energizing, hydrating, nourishing, beautifying, and detoxifying. It gives you the nutrients to keep your body in top, functioning order.

It claims to be unlike tap water because of the process that it goes through. It is a nine-step process to filter out unwanted chemicals, and also adds nutrients to produce a hydrogen-rich water.

The Opportunity

There is an opportunity with this company to become a partner, or you can simply become a marketer.

If you are willing to shell out a lot of money to become a partner, you will get more in the pack that is provided you.


Here are the items that the certain packs include:

H9 Premium Partner Pack

  • You get 20 Caring & Sharing Coupons to use for yourself or with your friends
  • Inside is a Welcome Letter explaining the basics of what you just paid for
  • H2G0 – This is an interactive video / social media marketing suite that helps you to get going fast
  • H9 Guide book for all you need to know about the ins and outs of the business
  • 25 “You Are What You Drink” brochures to make it easy to quickly explain the product to potential clients
  • You get a 8GB USB drive that comes with all the H9 marketing materials you could ever need
  • H9 DVD that is loaded with H9 Product and Opportunity Videos for instant and easy presentations
  • You also get a H9 Vehicle Window Sticker to proudly display the brand you have partnered with

H9 Partner pack –:

  • You only get 8 Caring & Sharing Coupons to use
  • And the H9 Marketing Kit that allows you to have access to the marketing strategies

H9 Marketing Pack –

  • You only get the H9 Marketing Kit

Compensation plan:

The compensation plan claims to be a lucrative and viable option to make money. It all depends on you and how hard you work for your income. You get paid for every client you take on. If you wanted to work slow, you could get a few clients and work from there. But if you wanted to really rake in the money, then you would have to assemble a vast network of partners.

You not only get paid for the work you do, but also the work that your clients do. If they were to get their own clients, then you also would get yourself a bonus in your paycheck.

Live 2 Give Program:

The Live 2 Give program offers you a way to keep up your H9 Water supply and not worry about running low on product.

    • When you personally enroll a partner who establishes an Automatic Order, you receive one free box of 16 bottles of water with your next month’s order.
    • When you personally enroll a new Preferred Customer with an Automatic order, you receive a free box of 16 bottles with your next month’s order.
    • When your Preferred customer, that you enrolled, enrolls a new preferred customer, you get one free box of 16 bottles with your next order.

When it comes to building your business, it is up to you. How hard you work, how many bottles you get, and what kind of package you pay for.

The Verdict

hydrogen-rich-waterWhen it comes to this company, I would exercise extreme caution.

Your alert hairs should be sizzling at this point for 3 reasons: the product, the website, and the “Water scientist” bit. As far as I know, there is no such thing as structured water and the idea of selling water like this is dubious.

Also, the money you must put out for each individual package seems a little steep… not to mention: what is included in the packages is perhaps not all that valuable.


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