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One of the major online businesses a person can get involved with is in the Health market. There are many weight loss sites, supplement sites, and organic sites on the internet one simply has to throw an apple and hit one. The Health Wealth Club is one of those sites that offers health supplements to its members.

Like so many other supplement sites, Health Wealth Club offers a way to make money from home by promoting the products and the membership to others. However, you should ask yourself if Health Wealth Club is all it is cracked up to be, or if its products fall short. Can you really make money with Health Wealth Club or should you look elsewhere?

What Is Health Wealth Club?

According to, the site was registered on August 1, 2017. The site registration is set to private. However, you will be able to find Edwin Ramos listed as the administrator of the site. Mr. Ramos is located in the Philippines and has ties to other sites that include Blessing4All, Royalty Crowdfunding, and My Global Negocio.

When doing a quick Google search on Mr. Ramos you will find that he has been around since 2014. Each site that he has been apart of has in one form or another collapsed. Today, Mr. Ramos is running Health Wealth Club and offering his members certain benefits, not only to improve their health but to make money as well.

Health Wealth Club Products

Health Wealth Club does not offer any services. The products listed on the site like Extreme Acai Berry for $52.50 or Supreme Krill Oil for $62.50 are only available for purchase by members.

The site offers other health supplements that include Col-Cleanse Fiber for $60, Easy Digest Plus for $48, as well as Supreme Garcinia Cambogia for $60. The products that Health Wealth Club offer ranges from antioxidant supplements to weight management and everything in between.

Each health supplement on the site seems a bit expensive until you realize you are paying for 2 bottles instead of just one. It is important to note that the products listed on the site are manufactured by a third party which the site fails to mention by name.

As mentioned only members may purchase these products. Membership to Health Wealth Club is offered in two plans. The first is a free plan. The second is the VIP which will cost $38.

Health Wealth Club Opportunity

Depending on which plan you sign up for determines how much money you can make as an affiliate. If you sign up for the free membership, you will make $5 commission for every person you recruit to your downline that upgrades to the VIP membership. Plus, you can earn 5% commission on any products your recruits make.

Now if you sign up as a VIP member your earning potential rises. With the VIP plan not only will you earn $5 commission on your recruits who upgrade their account, but you will also be able to participate in the 4×2 matrix system. The downside is that you will have to pass on your first two VIP members who sign up under you.

Health Wealth Club Verdict

On the surface, Health Wealth Club seems to resemble a lot of the other health related sites. It provides its members with products and an opportunity to earn money. The downside to this site is the fact that the products offered aren’t anything you can’t find somewhere else. Many of the products listed can be found at your local grocery store.

When it comes to the business aspect there are a few things that should raise red flags. First off, the products you sell to your downline are available to them as well. So why would they purchase them from you when they can get them for themselves?

All in all, Health Wealth Club seems to be something that could be useful if the site was open to outsiders. Since it is not, there is no real way for you to make any money unless you sign up with a VIP membership. At least then you earn a commission from the products your downline buys.

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