helpgrow usa growth dashboard

The HelpGrow USA Growth Dashboard (or simply Dashboard for short) is a subscription-based online business management platform. Use of Dashboard can supposedly increase business productivity by 75% or more, according to its creator.

What Is Growth Dashboard?

Dashboard is a software-as-a-service (Saas) provided by HelpGrow USA. The company bills itself as a one-stop community hub for small business owners and entrepreneurs, providing, in addition to Dashboard, a multitude of services such as workshops, newsletters, blog content, and business loan facilitation.

HelpGrow USA is headquartered in a shared office space building in Bridgeport, Connecticut. There is no listing of executives or staff members on the HelpGrow USA website. However, checking the company's site registration reveals the name and address of a registrant: Christopher Sacchinelli, also from Connecticut.

Sacchinelli's LinkedIn profile reveals that he is Chief Growth Officer for HelpGrow USA. LinkedIn lists several other executives for the company as well, such as Chief Operations Officer Matthew Drouin and Chief Marketing Officer Scott Merritt.

Growth Dashboard Product

HelpGrow USA's Growth Dashboard is a subscription-based service. The SaaS provides the following:

  • 200+ pre-built native integrations
  • custom widgets and push API data sources
  • daily, weekly, monthly, and additional scheduled data exports
  • TV mode availability
  • real-time reporting
  • shareable dashboard URLs
  • unlimited users
  • dedicated priority support and growth analysis

HelpGrowUSA also plans to add real-time KPI monitoring in the future. Access to Dashboard is $34 per month.

Growth Dashboard Opportunity

The opportunity provided by Dashboard is in its high levels of value for a very economical price. Similar business management systems such as Grow, Domo, Looker, and Sisense are more expensive than Dashboard by a considerable margin; prices start at $200 a month on the low end (after initial setup fees of anywhere from $1,500 to $25,000) to as high as $21,000 a year.

At the same time that competitive platforms are considerably more expensive than Dashboard, they also don't always match the capabilities of Dashboard either. This adds even more value to Dashboard in comparison.

The modular and adaptable nature of Dashboard also makes it ideal for a wide range of businesses. This makes it an attractive choice for keeping any sort of company of any size organized and in line.

Growth Dashboard Verdict

Dashboard seems to be a fantastic online business management solution, especially geared towards sole proprietors, startups, and entrepreneurs, thanks to its ultra-low price point and expansive feature set. At $34 a month, Dashboard – if it does what it says on the tin – is an incredible value and is something that we would heartily recommend to anyone who feels that they need such a service.

That being said, it seems almost too good to be true that Dashboard can offer so much functionality at such an inexpensive price. With other business management platforms changing an arm and a leg, either Dashboard is severely underpriced or its competitors are vastly overrated.

The third alternative, that Dashboard doesn't live up to its promises in real world situations, is of course always possible. However, we've seen no indications of this in reviewing the service. At the same time, we haven't run into any reports in the opposite direction either, so it's hard to declare definitively that Dashboard can do what it says it does.

That being said, at just $34 a month there is little in the way of risk to anyone who decides to try Dashboard out for themselves. This makes us feel very comfortable in recommending it to interested parties in the hopes that the software turns out to be an excellent service for entrepreneurs of all types, including affiliate or internet marketers.

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