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Hi-Hourly is an investment fund. The company works with to increase return on stocks, bonds, as well as the Forex market. The site states that they work hard to minimize the risks of trading and to help their customers generate maximum profit.

What is Hi-Hourly?

There isn't much information on who owns the site. According to Who.is, the site was registered July 2016, and the account is set to private.

When you look over the site, you will notice in the “About” section that the company is involved with over 2 billion investors across 25 markets worldwide. The site also states that it consists of a “team” of investors, managers, and business people. Who these people are, though, remains a mystery.

You will find Harrison Scott listed as the Director. When looking into who Mr. Scott is, you won't find anything. There are no social media links that provide any information on whether or not Mr. Scott is an actual person or a persona.

Another interesting thing you will find according to Alexa is that most of the traffic comes from Pakistan with 36.6%. Indonesia is second at 19.6%. It is entirely possible that the owners of the site hail from one of those countries.

The Product

The site doesn't offer any products to speak of. What you will find though is an opportunity to become an affiliate and sell the membership.

The Opportunity

Hi-Hourly allows you to sign up as an affiliate. However, no matter if you just use the site to invest, you will be given an affiliate link. Whether you promote your link is entirely up to you. Most people do thanks to the 10% they earn when their recruit makes a profit with the system.

The other way to make money with the site is by going full throttle and promoting your affiliate link everywhere. You will have to invest $10 or more to gain 29 to 80% daily. However, this percentage is only good for four days.

You can, of course, test the site and only invest $4 in which you will receive 2.2 to 8% an hour for 48 hours. The third package allows you to invest $1,000 to $4,000 to get 300% ROI. However, that stops after three days.

You will have to bust a move though to see any commissions, though. There are two levels to Hi-Hourly commission’s platform. For the first level, you will have to recruit anywhere from 1 to 150 people to receive 4%.

If you get 151 to 300 people to sign up under you and invest, you are looking at 6% commission. Anything over 301 and you get 10% commission. Unfortunately, though, you have to find all these people yourself. If you begin to build your downline and have someone from your downline sign someone else up, then you will only get 1% from the second level.

The price to get started with Hi-Hourly is $4 minimum. The site clearly states that the more you invest, though, the more you can earn.

The Verdict

On the surface, the site seems like a simple company. You recruit as many people as you can and in the end you make a little for your efforts. The fact that the only real way to make any money with the site is to invest a high dollar amount. When you do, you can see a return on investment for a short period. Once that time frame is up, then you will have to either re-invest or pull out of the system altogether.

The fact that the return on investment is so high, and there is no possible way for the company to continue if the recruitment stops. The site is built around people coming in. That is the only way for them to pay out other members. Once that ends, you don't want to be on the bottom of the totem pole.

The best thing for you to do is steer clear. Unless you think you can invest for a short span and not with so much. There are a lot of people that claim the site is real and they made money. It could be true and for $4 it is worth a shot. But anything more than that is just a risk.

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