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The High Ticket Income System (or “HTIS” for short) is an online marketing product that individuals can resell for commission-based income. Here’s our HTIS review.

What Is High Ticket Income System?

High Ticket Income System is an online service that provides individuals with the tools and support to market the program. In other words, resellers of this program can earn 50% commissions on every $1000 sale, essentially making $500 per sale.

How High Ticket Income System Works

HTIS works by providing a “done for you” marketing, sales, and recruitment service. It’s your job to find leads – i.e. people interested in investing in HTIC – and then the company does the rest of the work in following-up and closing these sales for you if you so choose.

Additionally, if you recruit others into HTIS and they then begin to resell the program themselves, you’re entitled to a residual commission from their sales – you keep 50% of what they make, while they keep the other 50% (ostensibly the same way that 50% of your own sales get passed up to whomever recruited you).

Enrolling in HTIS involves paying a $100 “Reseller Fee.”

Who Makes High Ticket Income System?

It was difficult to decipher who exactly is behind HTIS, based on the fact that the promotional video on the HTIS website – the one that’s supposed to get you fired up and motivated enough to join the program – doesn’t mention any company names.

The website’s very registration doesn’t include any information either, as the site was registered anonymously through a private domain registration service.

The bottom of the sales page for HTIC does reveal the name of the company behind the program – a DPS Marketing Group, listed as having an address in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately the address is a rented mailbox at a UPS Store, leading us to believe that there are no physical offices for DPS Marketing anywhere. However, the listed phone number is a Pennsylvania area code – likely a mobile phone number.

DPS Marketing also has a Facebook page associated with it, though there it’s listed as Funnels on Demand. A website listed on its Facebook page simply redirects to Facebook. The page has zero information on who’s behind this company.

High Ticket Income System Materials

Enrolling in HTIS provides you with the following tools and services:

  • “Done For You” Sales Funnels – a set of high converting Done for You Funnels that require no programming , no hosting, and that are ready to start generating leads
  • Tracking Software Suite – a program designed to help you track all your commissions and clients
  • Professionally “Done For You” Sales Videos – becoming a HTIS reseller provides access to all of the company’s sales videos on demand

High Ticket Income System Pricing

The only price we’ve seen listed on the HTIS website itself is the $100 reseller fee, which is payable by cashier’s check sent by overnight mail to DPS Marketing. However, it’s very possible that there may be additional hidden costs and upsells for anyone willing to work this system.

High Ticket Income System Reviews

There’s nothing good said about HTIS or DPS Marketing. In fact, most people have categorized this program – and others put out by DPS Marketing – as complete scams.


There’s no pros to be found in this program or any others by DPS Marketing.


  • Suspicious Scam – Everyone you ask who knows about HTIS and DPS Marketing has issued warnings that it’s nothing but a scam.

High Ticket Income System Summary

We need to warn you away from this program, based on the fact that everything we’ve seen and researched about DPS Marketing is that they specialize in thinking up new and interesting internet marketing scams to separate people from their money.

In this case, HTIS looks like a simple chain-recruitment scam where you market an affiliate membership opportunity to others, taking a cut of that sale, so that your newest recruits can continue that process with their own recruits.

There’s no real “product” being offered here, as all you’re selling is what you were sold – an opportunity to market HTIS. This is no way to make a living, as you’ll eventually run out of people to recruit – and then your income will dry up.

Don’t get caught up in this blatant scam. Steer clear of HTIS and any other programs that are being marketed by DPS Marketing, as none of them are a good investment opportunity.

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