High Traffic Academy 2.0 Review

World-renowned internet marketer Vick Strizheus has done it again with the launch of High Traffic Academy 2.0. After the phenomenal success of the original High Traffic Academy, many people have eagerly expected the release of HTA 2.0 for a very long time.

We wanted to take the time to talk truth about this Project Breakthrough training series and answer all of your questions about this upcoming HTA 2 Elite Livecast.

How is it different than the original? Who exactly is Vick Strizheus? What can you get for your online business with this program? Find out today in our High Traffic Academy 2.0 review.

vick strizheus high traffic academy

What is High Traffic Academy 2.0?

High Traffic Academy 2 is the second incarnation of High Traffic Academy and focuses on Project Breakthrough Engineering.

Here is what you can expect on the surface level of HTA 2.0 before diving deep into the nitty-gritty:

  • Fastest List Building Protocol EVER: in as little as 24 hours, learn how to start building a responsive list from scratch!
  • New 8 Step *Advanced & Stealthy* Traffic Formula: the secrets of the trade to open up the floodgate of sales in under 48 hours
  • Top 3 Secret Sources For a ‘Traffic Avalanche': learn how he generated over 400,000 unique visitors in a day like clockwork
  • How To Boost ‘Insane Email Conversions': witness the key to getting upwards of 80% email open rates effortlessly!

Both versions of High Traffic Academy have focused on a single goal: teaching people how to generate massive amounts of traffic online and then convert that traffic into huge profits.

By now, you know High Traffic Academy 2.0 was created by Vick Strizheus, a well-known online marketing personality who has not only made millions online but helped many other inspiring entrepreneurs to do the same.

Vick calls himself the “King of Online Traffic” – but more importantly, amongst respected peer groups and personalities within the same space, agree Vick is the real deal when it comes to creating high-quality targeted traffic and conversions.

With the anticipated release of the brand new High Traffic Academy 2.0, he wants to teach his students how to solve the #1 problem faced by 97% of online marketers: getting targeted traffic without going broke or getting miserable.

Vick calls increasing website traffic generation an art and sees himself as an artist. As you’ll learn below, he’s made a lot of money in the industry and it hasn't always been easy but through sheer testing, consistency and determination, has made this one of the biggest and best traffic platforms for entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world.

Who is Vick Strizheus?

Vick Strizheus, whose real name is Vitaly Strizheus, is a Ukrainian national who immigrated to the United States as a teenager. Despite only being in his early 30s, Vick has created millions of dollars from internet marketing through list building and outstanding rapport with his curated list.

In 2013 alone, Vick claims to have made $3 million, including one three week period where he earned $728,000 (which is said to have broken records in the network marketing/affiliate marketing space).

Vick is known for three major online businesses, including:

Empower Network

— Big Idea Mastermind

— High Traffic Academy (the original)

— Star Group 10k Private Mastermind Coaching

— Internet Traffic Formula (EN Lead Project)

High Traffic Academy 2.0 aims to follow in the footsteps of these successful business projects.

Up until recently, Vick was living in South Dakota with his wife and five kids.

It’s impossible to talk about Vick Strizheus without mentioning his tumultuous year in 2014. In 2014, Vick’s businesses underwent a huge upheaval.

Some people claim Empower Network kicked Vick out for fraudulent business practices, however Vick himself claims that his account was shut down with no explanation given, but that he followed all of The Empower Network’s business guidelines.

Here’s what we do know: the state of South Dakota barred Vick Strizheus from practicing network marketing anywhere in the state under something called the Business Opportunity Law.

This was very unfortunate to all of those who were BIM and EN members, as he was a true leader and spokesmen for this business model.

Those who got to know Vick over his December 20, 2012 – March 2014 run with Empower truly saw who he was – and his ability to back up his talk with real stats, figures and results. He was the #1 all time recruiter for most member signups as well as the number one income earner before leaving due to bizarre and baffling circumstances.

All in all, those who follow and know Vick support his endeavors because he has always been a class act despite a past some would deem as a scam – but those in the know, can see right through those obstacles and realize this man and his traffic modules are nothing short of the real deal time and time again.

Traffic Generation 101 – Does It Work?

High Traffic Academy 2.0 focuses on three central “pillars” of traffic generation.

high traffic academy 2 bannerThose pillars include Website Development, Traffic Creation, and List Control.

I’ll explain how each pillar works below.

Website Development

Website Development is the beginning of the HTA 2.0 course. In this course, Vick focuses on the fundamentals of building a website, creating “capture” pages, and preparing your website to handle traffic.

Specific lessons cover topics like: buying a domain, choosing the right domain name, choosing the right web host, building capture pages, writing good titles, organizing the offer, and creating other essential parts of the site.

Some of these lessons – like buying a domain and choosing a domain name or web host – will be basic for those who have already built a website.

However, even experienced users will learn new strategies about laying out the framework to create an effective website.

One of the best parts about the Website Development part of HTA 2.0 is gaining access to software called Easy Landing Page Pro. This software is a point-and-click tool used to create effective capture pages as quickly and easily as possible – even if you’ve never built a website before.

Traffic Creation

Traffic Creation is the central part of High Traffic Academy 2.0. It’s the “meat and potatoes” of the online course, so to speak.

This section features a total of 8 different modules, including:

— Offline Goldmine Traffic

— The Penny Traffic

— Email Media traffic

— Ad Swap Traffic

— The Underground PPC Traffic

— Secret GIA Traffic

— Banner Media Traffic

— CPA Backdoor Traffic

Each of these modules explains how to get paid traffic from various sources while ensuring that paid traffic is as effective and targeted as possible.

List Control

The Traffic Creation part of the course may be the largest part, but the List Control part of the course is arguably the most important.

List control explains how to generate money from all the traffic your websites receive. Up to this point, Vick has taught you how to create a good website and how to generate traffic: now it’s time to learn how to make money from that traffic.

Just like Traffic Creation, List Control is separated into 8 different modules. Those modules cover topics like converting loyal followers into paying customers, cultivating a list of high-conversion rate offers, and generating residual income online.

Difference Between High Traffic Academy and High Traffic Academy 2.0

Many of the above modules were available with the original High Traffic Academy. With High Traffic Academy 2.0, Vick aims to take his program to “a whole other level.”

Key differences between High Traffic Academy 2.0 and the original include:

— New features like a monthly newspaper from Vick, a vault of tools and resources, new software called Easy Landing Page Pro, and a section where you can Ask Vick Anything.

— Updated to reflect current traffic and marketing trends for 2015

— New emphasis on mobile traffic and social media traffic, including two separate courses on Facebook traffic (one for Pros, and one for Beginners)

— Expansive section on “Capture Mastery”, where Vick describes things like “The 7-Figure Blueprint”, “Creating a Capture Machine”, and specific examples of strategy and lead capture pages

— Basically, HTA 2.0 will include most of the lessons from the original HTA while also adding on dozens of new features and ideas. These new features will reportedly double or triple the size of the total learning materials available.

Ultimately, Vick is building High Traffic Academy 2.0 up as “the ONLY traffic course you will ever need online.”

How Much Does High Traffic Academy 2.0 Cost?

Current members of High Traffic Academy will automatically upgrade to HTA 2.0 for free when it’s released.

Currently, High Traffic Academy 2.0 is in a closed beta, which means it has not yet been opened to the public.

However, when the program is eventually released, expect a cost similar to the price of the original High Traffic Academy: a one-time fee of $450 to $600.

Who Should Sign Up High Traffic Academy 2.0?

As mentioned above, current members of High Traffic Academy will get access to HTA 2.0 for free.

That seems only fair considering the tumultuous breakup between High Traffic Academy and The Empower Network.

High Traffic Academy 2.0 is releasing in August 2015 so be ready! Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the release!

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  1. Thanks for the descriptive overview and talking points about this product .. I was a member of BIM and HTA 1 and I can honestly say I am very excited about the future of this as I know Vick has always delivered despite what anyone has said about him in the past.

  2. I’m brand new to Internet marketing. I ran across Vick’s videos on YouTube in my search for info on affiliate marketing. I missed the original HTA but I’m interested in seeing what the second version has to offer.

  3. Get Vick hta at any cost its totally worth 100 times your investment going Thur project breakthur right now and it 100% free for the 14 day course …

  4. My Fiancee has been working on this HTA Marketing program for over 4 years while having to work a full time job during the day, and he has not just worked on HTA a little here and there, he has spent many late nights and complete weekends following this program. He has attended a seminar in California about years ago and just attended another on (also in CA???) this year and one last year in Phoenix. He is spending every cent he has and hasn’t seen any money himself, but Vick and Nick sure seem to be getting ritcher and ritcher. They know how hard he has been working and attends every, and with all his dedication they have not even thrown a few bucks at him. I doubted this from the beginning, but tried to support my man, but if he continues to chase his tail, I just know how much longer I can stay dedicated to his cause.


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