hits monkey

Hits Monkey purports to be a company that provides free website traffic generation services while also offering MLM affiliate income opportunities through cash gifting.

What Is Hits Monkey?

There's no information regarding Hits Monkey and who runs it. The website, which was registered in November of 2016, was done so through the use of a private domain name registration service – effectively making it impossible to know the identities of the individuals behind the site.

The Product

In the context of the company's MLM scheme, there are no products or services on offer that can be marketed or sold. The site does offer free website traffic as well as paid access to an email autoresponder, but access to these services are simply membership perks.

The Opportunity

The true meat of the Hits Monkey system has nothing to do with building website traffic. Instead, members can recruit affiliates directly under them in a uni-level matrix system.

These affiliates can recruit in turn, and so on and so forth, with the original member being able to access commissions up to six levels deep.

With Hits Monkey, these commission payments take the form of cash gifts that are passed up the chain. Members pay a $25 enrollment fee, which is then distributed unevenly to a member's upline. This entitles members to a portion of their downline's enrollment fee as it feeds up the line as well.

Neglecting to pay your upline means that the system passes any donations from your downline over your head to your upline instead, effectively skipping you until you pay into the system.

Hits Monkey Verdict

Hits Monkey likes to clothe itself in the trappings of an advertising company, offering free website traffic and paid access to an autoresponder, which is all well and good if these activities were effective in driving traffic to a member's third-party website.

However, this service is likely nothing but a fig leaf to show compliance in order to avoid running into legal issues from its underlying cash gifting scheme.

As anyone who has read any of our reviews in the past knows, we take a dim view of cash gifting schemes.

Such activities are not only completely dependent on unending recruitment to remain active, they're also inherently flawed that the top positions in such an organization are almost always exclusively occupied by the company's founders and operators.

These pre-loaded positions ensure that they get the bulk of the upsell donations, all without having to make any donations in turn by being at the top of the pyramid.

Of course it's impossible to prove this definitively in the case of Hits Monkey because there's absolutely zero transparency in who owns and runs the website.

This is another major problem that we encounter all too often in our reviews of MLM opportunities – companies that have seemingly sprung up out of nowhere and offer no explanation as to who's in charge or where they're located.

Companies that don't at the very least publicize the name of its founder or CEO most likely have something to hide, and it's an obvious sign that they don't want to be caught doing whatever it is they're doing.

So let's reiterate, shall we? Hits Monkey offers a token effort when it comes to website marketing tools, but its real bread and butter is a cash gifting MLM scheme doomed to failure once recruitment dies out.

There's no indications who runs the company or where it's headquartered, so anyone becoming involved with Hits Monkey is literally flying blind. These issues make the company a poor choice for anyone looking for long-term affiliate income earnings opportunities.

We simply can't recommend Hits Monkey at this time, not with all the red flags raised by our investigation of the company. You would do well to steer clear of this one and instead look for a more legitimate affiliate marketing or MLM opportunity that involves selling actual goods or services.

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