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Hodo Global Review

Hodo Global is the creator of Trip Spin Technology. A technology that is revolutionizing travel in a big way for frequent travelers.


The Company

The team is comprised of CEO John A. Hammack a 30 year veteran of direct sales, CTO Art Making said to be a  “wizard behind the curtain” he brings the expertise in technology and systems, and finally the Executive VIP, Operations, and Global service leader Debbie Gregg.

Hodo Globals first product is Trip Spin is a revolutionary, proprietary, algorithm based search technology that is said the disrupt the way travel is being bought and sold.

The Product

Trip Spin is an App that allows travelers to substantially save money compared to retail public pricing. Subscribers are presented with the best deals on brand name hotels, resorts, and cruise ship packages.

The application will also teach you how to share Trip Spin App with everybody you know to subscribe to the app allowing them to save on travel prices and Hodo Global will share the profits with you.

A subscription will initially cost $308.88 and then after you have reached 50 BVs you only have to pay $88.88 a month, as well as, a $10 maintenance†charge. Here is what you receive:

  • Special guaranteed negotiated pricing on travel, vacation, and trip expenses.
  • Trip Spin rewards can be earned to go towards free trips, travel, products, and more anytime someone books their trips on your own personal TripSpin.com site.
  • Hodo Connect is an app that is specially designed for iOS and Android devices.
  • The Refer 4 program allows your fees to be waived when 4 people subscribe due to your referrals.

The Opportunity

Not only are subscribers given the opportunity to save on their travel expenses including lodging and hotels BUT there is also the opportunity to generate a profit through the company. There are currently 3 different methods available:

  1. Share the Trip Spin Technology with your friends, family, and anybody you can. When people start subscribing because of your referrals you will earn a commission.
  2. Build up a network of Hodo Global Sharing Partners and you can earn bonuses and various overrides for each partner who shares the Trip Spin.
  3. Become a Trip Spin subscriber and a Hodo Global partner and you will learn everything you need to know about traveling all of over the world for super cheap prices AND make a profit off of other peoples travels while building a global team of your veery own.

The compensation plan is full of incentives, bonuses, and commission percentages. You can view the full plan here†http://www.hodo.biz/compensation-plan/†for more in depth details.

The Verdict

Hodo Global is not right for everyone. For those of you have travel often or take regular family vacations or even business trips, it is an incredible option. The initial cost seems relatively expensive but the Trip Spin Technology also offers all of their subscribers a chance to make a profit. For the avid traveler, this is an awesome opportunity. You don't need any experience or know-how when it comes to sharing the technology with other people you know who might sign up and subscribe.

You have the opportunity to be not only a purchaser of travel but also a seller. As it has been said the technology may not be for everybody, almost $90 a month for someone who travels once a year may not find it useful, the upside to that is maybe they will see the opportunity to travel for free.

Hodo Global and the Trip Spin Technology receive a B grade. The business is completely legitimate, not only do they offer products and service, but they also provide a way for travelers to make some money by doing something they are already doing. The technology is somewhat unique. There may be other travel agencies that offer discounts but there are not too many that offer discounts, free travel, and the opportunity to make a decent amount of profit if they do it right.

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