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Finding a legitimate way to make money from home seems to be on everyone's mind these days. With all the different websites out there promising you fists full of cash each week, it is difficult to sort through the sites.

One of the websites that you may have come across is the Home Job Position that promises you a way to earn up to $500 a day without any experience. The site goes on to say how you can be your own boss and set your own hours. But does this site really live up to all the hype that surrounds it? Can you really learn how to make money from home with Home Job Positions?

What Is Home Job Position?

You have seen this website before and you have probably read the story of how a single mom or single dad was at their wit's end. Then one day they found this site that showed the how to make real money working for different Fortune 500 companies posting links or responding to emails. With Home Job Position you will be posting links for companies on different sites.

Home Job Position Product

Home Job Position offers you a way to make money from the comfort of your home. But in order to get the training, there is a one-time fee of $97.

According to the site, all you need is one hour to post 15 links and you will have made back your investment with change to spare. The system is easy to follow and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Home Job Position Opportunity

There is no link that shows there is an affiliate opportunity for the site. However, Home Job Position works very similar to MOBE. You buy the training and membership and then go out and post links to get other people to sign up for Home Job Position.

While the site is very cryptic about the kind of links that you will be posting, it is pretty obvious that you are just promoting the website and opportunity.

Home Job Position Verdict

Home Job Position is a website where you can make money if you are willing to spend nearly $100 to get permission to post links back to the site. You see, that is how you make money. You buy the rights to repost a special link to the website so you can earn a commission. If you don’t have any issues with recycling the website and getting people to sign up for it, you can make some serious cash.

The downside though is that everyone has seen this website at least once. So getting people to sign up may be a little tricky. Plus it doesn’t help that the site has the typical count down that shows you that there are a limited number of places available. It also doesn’t help that the sales page comes in two formats. There is the one that tells of a single mom’s struggle to make ends meet, then you have the single dad’s version. Both, however, read the same only the name changes.

When it boils down to whether or not you can make money by posting links to Home Job Position the answer is yes. There will always be people out there looking for an opportunity just like this to make money. When they sign up, you earn the commission.

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