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Home Profit System Review

Home Profit System is a controversial online moneymaking scam that promises to teach anyone how to make thousands of dollars online every month. Here’s our Home Profit System review.

What is Home Profit System?

Home Profit System claims to be a step by step guide to teaching anyone how to make money online.

In reality, the site seems to take your information, steal your credit card data, and then never deliver what was promised. The site lures visitors in with stories of average men and women earning $87 per hour online with no education or experience.

At the same time, Home Profit System seems to redirect people between dozens of different websites, making it difficult to track who’s actually responsible for the scam.

Some people are redirected to a site called Online Home Careers University, for example, while others arrive at Excel Cash Flow or SecureOnlineSite.com.

In any case, Home Profit System is a website that’s tough to track down. You’ll bounce from website to website and frequently be asked for your information along the way. Here are some of the common traits between websites:

-They advertise high paying jobs that require no prior experience or skills

-You can start earning money immediately

-You can work from home, be your own boss, and choose your own hours

-There are a limited number of spots available

-They claim to have been featured on major media outlets like Fox News, USA Today, ABC, and CNN

If you can find an entry-level job that pays $87 per hour from home with “no prior experience or skills required”, then please let me know. Because that job sounds awesome.

How Does Home Profit System Work?

If you ever enter your information into one of the scammy Home Profit System websites, then you’ll be greeted with the same presentation. You need to enter an email address and phone number to get access to the next level of the site.

Once you’ve done that, the website uses your IP to narrow down your location. Then, it claims to have found an open position in your city:

“There is [sic] currently 3 position left in [your town]. Read the job report below to see if you qualify.”

The job promises to pay $379 per day with no training or skills required. You just train online using the course materials for 60 minutes per day and you’ll “immediately” start making money at this mysterious online job.

Once you get through all of the scam and overhype, you get to the point of Home Profit System: it’s a linkbuilding scam that pays you for each link you post per day.

The website claims you can earn anywhere from $10 to $30 for every link you post.

The website even has a nifty online profits calculator: if you get paid $20 for each link you post, and you post 15 links per day and work 5 days per week, then you’ll be earning $300 per day online.

Home Profit System claims this is a “billion dollar industry” just waiting to be exploited. Companies can’t afford to hire full-time employees to post links, so they contract the work out. Here’s how Home Profit System explains the process:

“Basically, by signing up with a company to post links, you're given 24 hour access, 7 days a week, to links that need posting. And, you have no working obligations. You can work in the day, afternoon, evening, night, it doesn't matter! You can work at a different time every day. You can work whatever days you want. You have complete control and flexibility over your schedule.”

Along the way, the website entices you with pictures of luxury yachts and luxury vehicles – which are supposedly the things you’re going to buy using the fortune you make from posting links online.

The company also mentions the names of specific companies with which you’ll be working, including Apple, Netflix, HP, Blockbuster (?!?), The Home Depot, and Oakley. In reality, none of these companies are associated with Home Profit System. Do you really think Apple needs to pay people to build links online?

How Much Does Home Profit System Cost?

If you ever actually make it to the sales page for Home Profit System, you’ll see that it costs $97 USD to join the program. You pay through the online form using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

After paying the $97 fee, you receive instant access to online educational tools that teach you how to build links and sell those links online.

Unfortunately, many users claim they received very little information after paying their fee. One reviewer said:

“The entire system is designed to get you to hand over your credit card information so they can bill you each month for useless services that you neither need nor signed up to receive. They make vague claims about earnings, no mention of the work you’ll do, and pressure you into giving them your credit card information.”

In other words, this is 100% an online scam with few actual services or products delivered.

After you pay the joining fee of $97, you’re also reportedly charged an additional $4.95 per month for a “maintenance fee”. Some people even claim their joining fee was $139.95.

Conclusion: Who Should Sign Up for Home Profit System?

Nobody should sign up for Home Profit System. This scammy site redirects you to multiple websites in an effort to steal your credit card information. When you finally find the online ordering form, you’re met with a $97 fee in exchange for basic online training materials.

You’re not going to earn a six figure income selling links online. You’re not going to get a freelance work-from-home job with no skills or experience.

Yes, we’d all love to live the work from home lifestyle, but Home Profit System isn’t going to help you live that dream. It’s just going to make you $100 poorer.

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