Honey Review

Honey provides a service that is designed to help shoppers save time and money while shopping online. Honey will automatically find different coupon codes for whichever online store you are shopping at and then applies them to your order during checkout.


The Company

Honey was founded by CEO George Ruan a lifelong entrepreneur and co-founder Ryan Hudson alumni of MIT Sloan and†Cornell Engineering. The idea started with a personal desire of Ryan Hudson's and that was to save money on pizza. The system was all designed so he could save some cash on pizza because he ordered it a lot†when he saw how it worked he wanted to expand†and share the savings with everybody.According to the website, there are currently 1,551,317 users. TIME Magazine stated ” It's basically free money” ABC and Buzz Feed also had good things to say about the company and the service.

The Product

So the service is super easy to use. You can join with Facebook or by your Email. Honey is actually an Add-on browser available only for Chrome and can be found in the Chrome Store. Now you know what it is and who created it, let's discuss what it does for you:

  • Automatic Coupon Codes -†Honey will automatically apply the best available coupon codes for you at the checkout. The system searches the internet for all available codes, you simply click the option “try codes” and it will apply the one that will save you the most money.
  • Get The Best Prices Available On Amazon -†The system will detect savings opportunities on Amazon on shows you all of the best deals and prices out of all the sellers. Honey is designed to take into consideration the different variables and conditions that go with the seller and sale. Things like sales tax, shipping, your Prime status, seller ratings, and the estimated arrival dates.
  • Earn Cashback Rewards -†When you shop from any of Honey's supported stores you have an opportunity to earn cashback bonuses on your sales. The bonuses are 100% random and vary from 1-100% of commission.
  • Real-time Deals -†Stores are ranked every hour according to real-time and how much shoppers are savings.

The Opportunity

The opportunity is very obvious. You receive a service that can save you a lot of money when you shop online and you are also provided with opportunities to earn cash back bonuses when you shop at select stores. All you have to do is go sign up using Facebook or your Email and you are ready to start saving.

The Verdict

Honey gets an easy A++. The system is amazing and it really works. Hundreds of people are signing up and saving every day. ABC, Buzz Feed, and Time Magazine all have very positive things to say about the service. They operate with a team of awesome well-trained individuals and guarantee that you will save when you shop.

Almost anything a person wants to buy can be purchased online now. Weekly groceries, computers, cars, you name it you can buy it. With that said and such good references Honey has it going on. Users can sign up for special features. There has yet to be a sale that couldn't be found. Honey.com has a lot going for them and if they keep up the awesome work they are going to continue being one of the most use coupon services available on the internet.

Groupon has nothing on Honey. The system is designed to do so much all in the short time it takes to shop, place your order, and check out. The fact that it goes so far with the in-depth searches on Amazon is reason enough for the many users that are already taking advantage of the system. I think this little Honey Pot is full of gold at the end of the online sales rainbow. If you don't believe me go check out the website for yourself. Go to†http://joinhoney.com†and see for yourself. I assure you will be more than slightly impressed.

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