Hootsuite For Social Media Managers

Hootsuite’s primary use is to manage your social media accounts and helps you micromanage your posts.

There are three plans that they offer which is geared towards different audiences. The application assists you in managing all your social media accounts. They help you appoint your messages for different time periods, track the amount of people that are mentioning your brand, scrutinize all the social media traffic that you are receiving and so much more. And they tell you right away which plan would be great for your needs. That’s a cool thing about Hootsuite. You can quickly choose which plan is the best for you.

The first plan is free and called “Personal use, Casual Enthusiast.” What a strange name. It’s a 30 day free trial with a wide variety of features to use for your social media management. There’s the pro plan that is geared towards small businesses, people who run lots of social media accounts and even government agencies. What a giant leap.

In order to begin using Hootsuite you need to integrate all your social accounts into Hootsuite. You only get 3 accounts for people using the free account, 50 accounts for Pro users and 100+ for those using the Enterprise plan. You can see right away which plan is right for you. You are either a small fish or a big fish. Smart. The platforms that they support is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress and Instagram.

If you don’t want to directly access Hootsuite then that’s fine as well. You can indirectly access the application via Pinterest and other platforms.

When accessing your dashboard you can set up all sorts of different things. You can set up different tabs and streams for each respective social platform.

You can easily grab content with Hootsuite’s chrome extension called Hootlet. It allows you to rapidly publish content from any of your social networks.

There are other alternative apps out there as well that are free and paid. Check them out for your individual needs.

All of your content is managed within Hootsuite’s publisher section. There are a couple of ways to see all the content that you have scheduled. You can see it from the default, the number of days, number of weeks, and even by months.

The greatest feature of Hootsuite is publishing large volumes of content within a short period of time. Many organizations out there love this feature. It saves lots of time since HootSuite allows you to schedule up to 300 messages in one shot. That’s a lot.

HootSuite has analytics as well. It appears that every tool out there is striving to be the Google Analytics of their field.

The data that you can obtain organizes data and makes it easy to read and track. You can choose how your data is presented based on how you set it up via their templates. You can integrate data from Google Analytics, Twitter, and Facebook insights. You can even make notes on your data for future reference. HootSuite uses this to improve the quality of your data.

You can also have access to all sorts of templates that are already created to get you started instantly. This all depends on your plan of course. You can customize it to however you see fit.

HootSuite even has a tool called Hootsuite ads. It’s only available for Facebook and is still developing. The tool helps you manage your Facebook campaigns and help you run your paid advertising efficiently.

Within their contacts section you can manage all your social media accounts efficiently. Managing your Twitter followers and Google+ contacts can be all done through HootSuite.

A new feature that they have introduced is called the content library. It helps big businesses maximize how they connect with their audience. You can centralize all the content you create for use to use within your company. The library allows businesses to make sharing content super simple/easy and enhance productivity within any given environment.


I reviewed another tool called Buffer which is a similar tool that is used for managing your social media accounts. You know what’s the biggest negative?

The simplicity. Their simplicity was a double edged sword. In fact I said that if you are a hardcore social media manager needing access to all kinds of data metrics then Buffer wasn’t for you. I also said that the biggest downside to the tool was that it wasn’t as comprehensive with their data segmentation. And that’s why you shouldn’t use the tool if that’s your thing. Guess what. This is the tool for you guys. It’s super complex. You can monitor all of your social media accounts within one place.

You can multiple accounts within any given network. (So 50 Facebook accounts is possible.) You can divide and segment all the data you want to your heart’s content. And the great thing is that all this segmented data is in all in one place.

You can run everything with Hootsuite. You can run your entire marketing department/social media with Hootsuite. Everything.

Hootsuite is remarkably good at managing multiple platforms. It works in MAC, Windows, Linux and iOS/Android. It works on everything. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. They have made Hootsuite work on almost every modern platform out there.


The complexity.

HootSuite definitely is a double edged sword. It depends on whether you like simplicity or complexity. It really depends on who you are. I first used Buffer because of how easy it is. Hootsuite is so complex that it might be really hard to get used to at first. Hootsuite’s interface isn’t user friendly at all.

This complexity can really discourage a significant portion of users. The more and more accounts that you add – the more data you are overwhelmed with. It’s hard to navigate around as you grow in size. All the numerous applications that Hootsuite has their own learning curves to get used to. It can be a huge load at times.

If you love simplicity then Hootsuite isn’t for you.

It can cost you a pretty penny to get multiple people to use Hootsuite. For every team member that you add you are required to pay an additional 15 dollars a month. If you want even more data and custom URLS then you need to fork over more cash for that.


In conclusion Hootsuite is amazing at what they do. And that’s managing all of your social media accounts. It’s popular for a reason.

The biggest feature that makes Hootsuite unique is the fact that you have access to so many social media platforms out there. You can schedule and grab content at ease. Hootsuite helps you maximize your connection with your audience and gives you great data of all your social media.

The tool is being updated constantly and improved. Check it out to see if this will make your life better.

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