HopRocket Review

HopRocket is a cyber membership portal that offers members-only discounts and deals on travel and related products. The company claims it can offer prices that have been cut in half compared to other travel booking agencies. It also utilizes its marketing business to sell retail merchandise internationally.


About HopRocket

By joining HopRocket you get access to traveling and travel- related deals of all kinds making it a multi-faceted advertising travel company. With so many choices when it comes to travel booking services online it could be difficult to decipher who actually offers the best deals. Word on the street is that HopRocket practices a “150% best price guarantee” policy.

Therefore if you encounter a better price somewhere else and bring it to their attention, they will pay you 150% of the competitor’s price. If this is true it could make this company a swift competitor in an extremely large industry. Another one of the company’s unique assets is that they offer a versatile assortment of traveling necessities available for purchase on their website.

The Product

HopRocket offers “deals and discounts on travel” as their products. When you become a member you can expect to save on the following:

  • Hotels
  • Condos
  • Cruises
  • Cars
  • Flights
  • Group Travel Tours
  • Rail Road Tickets
  • Golf Tours
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Local deals
  • HopTrips

Even though there is a monthly fee in order to use the services it claims to practically pay for itself because of how much you will wind up saving on travel and merchandise once you join. (Of course that would mean you must actually plan to take vacations and purchase items from their travel webpage for that to be true and make the membership worth it.)

The travel supplies that are offered for sale vary from the basics like clothing and luggage to unexpected stuff like cellphones and even insurance. All are sold at wholesale prices. HopRock also hosts special daily deals where they feature two seriously discounted specials which could be anything from a cruise to a vacation tour.


The Opportunity

HopRocket offers three memberships:

  • Guest Membership or a limited time free trail
  • Year Membership – $99
  • Elite Membership- $299 + $59 per month

Becoming a member means savings but choosing to become an elite member presents the opportunity to earn Rocket rewards or money for travel via the company’s compensation plan. When you recruit other people to enroll in the elite membership program you are rewarded. When you enroll three recruits you make back your enrollment fee. Then your own monthly fee is covered too. HopRocket describes their plan for success as a climb where you begin at level one and work your way up to level four. In an effort to paint a better picture for you I will put it like this:

  • level 1- make three sales earn 100 rocket rewards + $50
  • level 2- make 9 sales earn GoPro Camera which is a 400 value
  • level 3- make 27 sales earn $1,000 rocket rewards + $5,000
  • level 4- make 100 sales earn an additional $5,000

Rocket rewards are “dollars” that can be used toward purchases in the HopShop. To conclude, the company’s elite memberships will give members a chance to encourage friends or family to buy memberships in order to receive some traveling incentives and even cash. You basically become a company affiliate and market HopRocket to almost gain a commission from your efforts.

The Verdict

Becoming a HopRocket member does not sound like a bad idea if you enjoy traveling and hope to do so throughout the year, or years. The normal membership seems worth it if the company really does match prices and offers these supposedly extraordinary deals.

The thing is you won’t ever really know if it does that unless you give the free trial a whirl (since again the program is ONLY accessible to members.) The elite membership is more geared toward selling and unless you know people that are going to be interested in HopRocket’s services you might not earn all that much.

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