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Are you desperately looking for traffic to your website or blog? Do you know the secrets and strategies to propel your site into the great beyond and come back with loads of organic traffic?

How to Get Ranked” will show you exactly what you need to do to set your site up for success and gain the following you need. Traffic comes in many forms and with “How to Get Ranked” you can rest assure the traffic you get will be 100% organic and targeted to your specific niche.

What Is How To Get Ranked?

How to Get Ranked” is brought to you by Nicole Kersey. According to the site, Ms. Kersey has learned a lot about internet marketing and now she wants to share her findings with you. She will teach you how to get your website ranked despite your niche.

When looking into who Ms. Kersey is, you will find her on Facebook. Granted she is down on the list of “Nicole Kersey” found on Facebook, but she is there. Now according to, the site was registered November 30, 2016, and is set to private.

The Product

“How to Get Ranked” is an educational course that shows you exactly what you need to do to get ranked on Google and any other social media platform. According to the site, you will be shown step by step how to rank number 1 in any niche.

You will also learn the secrets of social media marketing and how to properly get traffic online.

In today's world, there are so many ways to get traffic. You can pay for it, or you can take the long route and work through SEO. With “How to Get Ranked,” you won’t be lost as what needs to be done next to get your site up in the ranks.

Everyone who owns a website or blog knows that traffic is the lifeblood of their business and with Ms. Kersey, you are given the road map to organic traffic.

The price for this invaluable information is only $47.95.

The Opportunity

While the product “How to Get Ranked” is offered through Clickbank, there is no opportunity for you to earn money. Even if you go through the Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace, nothing is set up for you to earn anything.

You can, of course, promote the site and Ms. Kersey's product for free if you want to.

The Verdict

Everyone needs traffic to their site. In this day and age without traffic, your site will fail and you will feel like you are talking to the void. Ms. Kersey may offer you sound advice as to how to get ranked on Google.

One thing though that seems a little off, is that she doesn't really make herself sound like an authoritative figure on the subject of social media marketing.

The site states how she has been learning a lot about social marketing and that she wants to pass on what she has learned to you. But the wording doesn't make her seem like guru or seasoned professional on the subject.

The way the landing page sells “How to Get Ranked” doesn't ring confidence. It sounds more like a thrown together course that may or may not deliver.

As stated, though, everyone needs traffic. Ms. Kersey states that her course is one of a kind. The price is reasonable to learn a few new things about social marketing. Plus if you aren't completely satisfied there is always Clickbank's 60-day money back guarantee.

If you want to cut through the red tape and learn quickly what you need to do to get traffic to your site, check out How to Get Ranked. You will learn nuggets of information that may just boost your site into a whole new playing field. Everyone could use a little extra help getting traffic.

Why not check out “How to Get Ranked” and put into practice the strategies for getting your site ranked #1 on Google and other search engines. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if your site doesn’t reach #1, you will get more traffic than what you have now.


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