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Have you ever thought about building a tee shirt business? Who hasn’t? After all, everyone has clever ideas for tee shirt designs or some funny saying that should be plastered on a tee for the world to see.

Hustle with Us has created a way for you to build a business designing tee shirts. Plus they have combined a business matrix that allows you to earn money not only through the tee shirt sales but through your downline as well.

What Is Hustle With Us?

According to, was registered on August 26, 2016, to Ms. Dawn Newman from California. What is interesting is that the domain seems to mislead as the DNS connects to

When looking into Xtreme Pro System you will discover that the company was launched by Johnny Ganoza in 2014 and was quickly shut down. It is difficult to say if Ms. Dawn Newman is a character name or not as there is no information on her.

When looking into Johnny Ganoza, you will find that he has been on a roll with different business endeavors since 2014. All of which have not shown to be reputable.

Hustle With Us Product

Hustle with Us doesn't offer any real products. They do offer the membership opportunity for affiliates to promote. Plus, the membership does come with advertising credits and templates that can be used to create your tee shirt designs.

Other than that, they don't offer you a way to showcase your tee shirts to other members. This seems to show that Hustle with Us is only interested in the matrix plan and not the creative side of the website.

Hustle With Us Opportunity

Hustle with Us is basically a cash gifting 2×5 matrix system. In order to join you are required to pay $30 to your sponsor. From there you are to recruit two people under you creating the first level. The first level is then split into two legs of your downline.

Then your two recruits find two of their own to sign up under them creating the second level. This system continues for five levels deep.

Now, on the first level, you start off gifting $30 to your sponsor. Then once you get your recruits, they gift funds of $30 each to you. So you walk away with a profit of $30.

On the second level, you are required to gift $50. Once you do that you are eligible to receive four $50 payments from your downline. You walk away with a profit of $150.

The third level requires you to pay $150 and in return, you will get $150 from 8 recruits from your downline. By this level, you are looking at making $1050 profit.

Level four you will have to gift $500. However, if your downline has reached this far you are looking at getting $500 from 16 recruits making you a profit of $7,500.

Lastly, on level five you must gift $1,000 in order to receive $1,000 from 32 affiliates who are in your downline. With those many people gifting you $1,000 you can see why this system seem so lucrative.

However, when you break down the system you are looking at spending $1,730 to participate in every level of the matrix.

Hustle With Us Verdict

Upfront Hustle with Us sounds like a great investment and a fun opportunity. There are some serious red flags that come up. First off, the whole business plan of the site deals specifically with the matrix. It doesn’t offer any information on the tee shirt designs at all.

It would seem that the site just threw in the idea of tee shirt templates in hopes of getting more creative people to sign up to the site.

The second red flag that comes up is the amount of money you are handing over to join. $30 is a lot for what the site is offering, which by the way isn’t much. Sure, the tee shirt designs could help those really interested in selling tee shirts.

And sure, the ad credits that are added to the membership might be great for those who want to promote their business. But there really is no space on the site for promotion. Just looking at the home page gives you an idea of who is using the ad credits and what the site really is about.

If you are considering joining just remember that it is a gift giving system. Once you hand over your $30, there are no refunds. The system doesn’t offer any spill over from other affiliates which leave the recruiting all up to you.

Another thing you have to look at is the tee shirt designs. The site doesn’t even offer any preview of them. Hustle with Us is a site that is best left alone. However, if you do sign up just remember what you are getting yourself into.

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