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iCoin Pro Builder is a website that acts as a recruitment funnel for iCoin Pro, a new company, currently in prelaunch, that's billing itself as a “proprietary training system” for individuals looking to learn more and eventually invest in cryptocurrency, especially the Bitcoin digital currency (BTC).

There is also an attached MLM recruitment scheme to provide an income opportunity.

What Is iCoin Pro Builder?

There's absolutely zero information on the iCoin Pro Builder website that reveals who's behind this company. The registration information for the website reveals little else, as the site was registered anonymously.

The only clue is a small line at the bottom of a page deep inside the recruitment funnel revealing the site is owned by a company calling itself Marketing Solutions XL. That company's website is registered to a real person, a Wouter Van Den Brink, who has both a Facebook page and a personal homepage.

Van Den Brink claims to be a “social marketer” and “coach” on his Facebook page, which consists of many different links to cryptocurrency news articles but no outward connections to iCoin Pro Builder or Marketing Solutions XL.

His personal website, linked from his Facebook profile, is simply an email capture page, though it does list his name directly in concert with Marketing Solutions XL.

This doesn't do much for us as far as discovering who Van Den Brink is, but it does create a solid chain of custody from iPro Coin and the iPro Coin Builder website back to him.

iCoin Pro Builder Product

The core product, once iCoin Pro launches sometime in May of 2017, is a 39.95 per month membership subscription that, according to promotional videos, will provide users “$10,000 worth of training and tools” to learning about cryptocurrency, which includes information on how to purchase it, how to mine it, and how to trade it for a profit on digital currency exchanges. This is the extent of the information revealed about the product.

iCoin Pro Builder Opportunity

There's also an income opportunity attached to iCoin Pro in the form of a commission-based recruitment scheme.

Pre-registering for the program by jumping through all the hoops on the iCoin Pro Builder website enters you in to the first available space in a “2×14 accelerated matrix,” according to the promotional video, which is supposedly filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and obviates the need for recruitment on a new affiliate's part.

Details have not been presented on the intricacies of the iCoin Pro compensation scheme, but the site's promotional video claims that affiliates can “earn over $4000 per month” by being a part of this program.

iCoin Pro Builder Verdict

iCoin Pro is in pre-launch, according to the iCoin Pro Builder website. This means that much of the information gathered here is subject to change before its listed May 16, 2017 launch date. However, there's still enough to go on to provide at least an initial review.

iCoin Pro looks to charge its members a minimum of $39.95 a month for membership. This looks to be the only revenue stream for the company, which means this is where it's getting the money it uses to pay affiliates with for commission-earning activities.

This also means that it's imperative that new members remain paying members to keep those commissions rolling.

This setup is relatively unstable. Gains are dependent on strong recruitment activity and sustained membership as far as the income-based portion of the program goes.

Whether the subscription fee is worth it is going to depend strongly on the “tools and training” that iCoin Pro provides – they better be better than information you can find for free on the internet concerning cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investing if the company expects people to stick with it.

Finally, there's the issue that Van Den Brink is obviously behind this company yet hasn't publicized this fact. That lack of transparency makes us nervous and has us thinking that Van Den Brink has something up his sleeve or has plans to fleece affiliates. Best keep an eye on this one.

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