I Glob Ad is an unfortunately-named high-yield investment program (HYIP) that promises high ROI on deposits on a 10-month term. I Glob Ad also has a highly complex recruitment and compensation scheme that members can participate in to increase the amount of money they can generate using the program.

What Is I Glob Ad?

The I Glob Ad website claims that the company is based in the UK and run by a CEO by the name of Mackenzie Carter. It’s highly unlikely either of these things are true, as we’ve been unable to verify the identity of this Mackenzie Carter or the claim that the company itself is located in the United Kingdom.

While the site’s registration information does use the Mackenzie Carter name and includes an address in Soho, London, the address is the site of a commercial strip that includes high-end clothing and furniture stores, leading us to believe the address is false. Additionally, Alexa site info rankings reveal that the site’s traffic mostly originates from the United States, making it unlikely that I Glob Ad is headquartered in the UK as the site claims.

So who does run the I Glob Ad website and company? There’s no way of knowing for sure, but we highly doubt it’s some individual living above a clothing store in London by the name of Mackenzie Carter.

I Glob Ad Product

The only product or service I Glob Ad provides is a 10-month term HYIP that accrues interest every 10 days. I Glob Ad claims that the revenue for this HYIP comes from its network of online advertising, but there’s no evidence presented that verifies this claim.

There are eight different tiers of investment, ranging from a cost of $57 USD to $12,750.90 USD. The tiers are as follows:

  • Starter: invest $57, receive an ROI of $142.50
  • Standard: invest $157, receive an ROI of $423.90
  • Extreme: invest $357, receive an ROI of $1,035.30
  • Ultimate: invest $757, receive an ROI of $2,346.70
  • Bronze: invest $1,257, receive an ROI of $4,148.10
  • Silver: invest $3,257, receive an ROI of $11,399.50
  • Gold: invest $6,075, receive an ROI of $22,477.50
  • Platinum: invest $12,750.90, receive an ROI of $49,725

I Glob Ad Opportunity

In addition to the 10-month HYIP, I Glob Ad also offers 10% commission rates on deposits made by direct recruits. There is also a residual compensation plan set up to provide commissions using a binary structure. The site claims to use a 1:1 ratio for binary income, providing an 8% commission rate on this income.

Further details of the company’s compensation plan are not available to the public.

I Glob Ad Verdict

There’s nothing even remotely legitimate about I Glob Ad’s supposed investment opportunity. The company claims to have partnered with a number of high-profile online venues to generate ad revenue, offering to allow you to invest in these opportunities to receive a massive ROI, but there’s no proof that any of these ad campaigns actually exist.

Besides that, there’s a failure of logic here. If I Glob Ad can make such huge amounts of money from its ad revenue, why in the world would it be soliciting so-called investments from outsiders? Additionally, why would it encourage such behavior by offering hefty commission rates as well?

The truth is that I Glob Ad is just another fly-by-night HYIP that entices you to invest big into its system because member investment is its sole source of income. This means that it needs to keep recruitment up in order to pay out the ROI on its HYIP products – without constant recruitment, it wouldn’t have enough money in its system to pay its oldest investors off.

Of course, when recruitment dies off, I Glob Ad will stop paying out and will simply keep all investor money still in the system. At that point it disappears, never to be seen or heard from again.

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