IM How To Videos

The IM How To Video E-Master Course (or just IM How To Video for short) is a digital educational course that provides detailed video training for nascent internet marketers.

What IsĀ IM How To Videos?

IM How To Video has a curious history. The E-Master Course website doesn't have any information about who's behind the video, with the only contact information being a “Marc” that supposedly owns the website. This Marc represents the e-learning course as his own.

Whoever this Marc is, it's impossible to discover. The site itself was registered anonymously in late May of 2017 through the use of a private domain name registration service, and with no other hints, there's no way of knowing who's behind this site.

However, investigating the IM How To Video product directly reveals that it is a “business in a box” system that is openly available to anyone who wishes to purchase it and then resell it.

We also discovered the real name of the original creator of this product – Edmund Loh, an internet marketer that rose up through the ranks of affiliate marketing to become one of the most well-known online entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific market.

IM How To Videos Product

The IM How To Video product consists of a number of video tutorials centered around how to set up an online marketing business.

The topics cover technical concerns such as purchasing a domain name and website hosting, how to set up a WordPress site, and how to manage autoresponder software like Aweber and Getresponse.

Additional videos also cover more targeted goals like choosing an affiliate product to market, how to set up sales funnels, and how to optimize your marketing and sales pages for search engines.

“Marc” sells his version of IM How To Video through ClickBank, which provides a 60-day no-questions-asked refund period. The price of the core IM How To Video product is $17, which provides access to a total of 30 training videos.

However, there is also an optional upsell that increases the price to $37 and provides an additional 45 videos, according to the E-Master website.

IM How To Videos Opportunity

The first opportunity presented by IM How To Video is to gain a lot of knowledge at a relatively low price. Even at $37, the amount of information the series provides is ideal for anyone just looking to enter into the world of affiliate marketing.

However, if you already know your way around things like autoresponders and domain name registration services, this training series is unlikely to provide you much in the way of value.

This doesn't mean there aren't other opportunities open to you. Since IM How To Video is marketed by Edmund Loh as a business-in-a-box product, you can purchase it directly from him and resell it to others. In fact, you may want to just purchase the entire package from Loh directly even if you're not going to market it – the price for resellers is just $9.95.

IM How To Videos Verdict

We didn't set out from the beginning to ruin “Marc's” profit margin with this review, but that's essentially what we did by exposing the fact that he's passing Edmund Loh's product off as his own.

There's nothing immoral or unethical about this – in Loh's marketing copy, he encourages affiliates to re-brand IM How To Video as their own product if they wish – but we do think that charging up to $37 for a product you originally purchased for $9.95 is just not correct.

That being said, the Marc of E-Master Course is within his rights to charge whatever he wants for this product, as he purchased it from Loh with just that in mind.

And we're sure the knowledge within the digital courses is helpful to someone just getting started out in the world of affiliate marketing, though we don't particularly relish a newbie getting fleeced on a product that they could get for anywhere as much as 75% off if they would just buy it from the source.

That being said, if you want to use the IM How To Video series as an affiliate income opportunity, you're welcome to as well. You might want to price your own version of the program accordingly in order to avoid getting undercut in the same way we inadvertently undercut Marc.

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