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iMarketsLive Review

Tapping into the stock market can be an excellent way to earn good money, but on the flip side, any wrong move can lead to a depressing crash and burn in assets. Investing comes with its risks and rewards, and the goal for any trader is to determine which moves (no matter how big or small) will result in a positive return.

iMarketsLive is a service that equips traders with powerful tools, and their products can help you make wiser decisions — particularly in the Futures and Forex markets.


About iMarketsLive

iMarketsLive is run by an experienced team who is familiar with the ins and outs of the market and can help you become a more successful trader should you decide to become a member.

The company was founded by Christopher Terry and launched in 2013. Before that, he worked as a trader and educator in the Futures, Equity, and Forex markets for eighteen years. His desire was to create a global group of traders who are able to achieve financial security on their own.

Terry, along with several other expert traders in the market, united to help these in search of a legitimate way to build wealth and freedom through their two-step legal system.


The Product

The Platinum Package, a revved up version of the gold package, is available for you to sign up as a customer or promote the product to other potential customers. If you are able to sign up during their promotions, the Platinum Package will be $1 the first month, and $145 after that.

Platinum Package

  1. Live Trading Room – It is an educational room hosted by market experts every day of the week, excluding weekends, that shows what they do daily in the markets. On top of that, they provide helpful tips on select areas that could present beneficial trading opportunities to you. You will also:
  • Receive support from the community and ability to ask any questions live
  • Have access to the Trading Library that is packed with educational videos, articles, and books
  • Get free weekly forecast reviews that even the experts monitor in the Forex Futures, Forex Sport and S&P markets
  • Take a look how every trade is created and see what the experts look for before taking action. It helps demystify how markets work and how to approach a trading opportunity
  • Receive a rationale behind every trade made to gain helpful insight and guidance.
  1. Harmonic Pattern Scanner – A virtual assistant you can count on around the clock. It is a scanner and charting system that can help you identify the best harmonic trade opportunities. It also comes with a Forex Harmonic Trading Course. The patterns featured are Shark, Bat, Alternate Bat Cypher, Gartley, Butterfly, Crab, and Deep Crab.
  • Scans are made in real time for over 30 pairs/crosses. You may click on the pairs to change charts.
  • Every chart displays time frame, symbol, pattern, and age
  • The scanner automatically e-mails clients when a newly scanned result is found. Those results provide stop, entry, and take profit levels.
  1. FX Signals Live – The trading industry's simplest and quickest world-class Forex Trade Copier.
  • The signals are fast and reliable unlike various other platforms. There are no delays or missed trades because the system is always connected “to the broker.” The trading signals remains connected 24/7 while you sleep, eat, or work so you never miss a beat.
  • It is perfect for new or experienced traders. FX Signals is a 100% hands-free system that is both quick and easy to set up. All trades are immediately copied to your account, and MT4 (MetaTrader 4) or VPS (virtual private server) are not required.

The Opportunity

online-tradingThere is a way to earn with the company as well. You have the option of purchasing an IBO kit through them while promoting the Platinum Package or Gold Package. The Gold Package is not highlighted on the site though it is available.

You should keep in mind that the type of package you sign up for will determine which product you can promote. The opportunity is open for anyone who lives in the US, UK, or Canada, but the company is hoping to open the program to more countries in the future.

IBO Kit:

On top of the package plan, you will need the IBO Kit. You can get the kit for $15, and must pay an additional $15 every month to remain active with the company.

  • IBO Kit
  • Comes with exclusive IBO training videos
  • Compensation Plan

There is a Personal Volume Autoship of $95 that you also need to pay each month to remain active if you are promoting the Gold Package Plan.

If you are promoting the Platinum Package Plan, a Personal Volume Autoship of $145 will be required. The monthly fee you pay will cover your educational services, trade signal services, and qualify you to earn a FOB (first order bonus).

There are four primary levels in the recruitment process. Level 1 referrals are members you personally recruit to the site, and you earn up to $100 (Gold Package sale) or up to $200 (Platinum Package sale) for each successful signup.

Earnings that you make are paid out on a weekly basis. Not only will you get paid for referrals you invite, but you also get paid on a monthly basis for the referrals that stay active. Residual bonuses are based on a 3×8 matrix.

  • If you recruit two affiliates, you earn on levels 1 to 4 of the matrix
  • If you recruit six affiliates, you earn on levels 5 and 6 of the matrix
  • If you recruit nine affiliates, you earn on level 7 of the matrix
  • If you recruit twelve affiliates, you earn on all 8 levels of the matrix

There is a ranking system for platinum members:

  • Platinum Director – Purchase the Platinum Package and remain active
  • Platinum Field Director – Refer 3 active Platinum Directors
  • Platinum Executive – Refer 3 active Platinum members who each have at least 4 Platinum Directors in the group.
  • Platinum Vice President – Sponsor at least 3 Platinum Field Directors
  • Platinum Senior Vice President – Sponsor 3 Platinum Field Directors and have at least 50 Platinum Directors on or above your group.
  • Platinum Executive Vice President – Refer 3 Platinum Vice Presidents
  • Platinum Senior Executive Vice President – Refer three Platinum Field Directors (or higher) with at least 125 Platinum Directors (or higher) in your group.
  • Platinum President – Refer 3 Platinum Field Directors (or higher) with at least 250 Platinum Directors in your group.

On the other hand, the ranking system for the Gold Package plan is different: it uses generation and infinity ranks. There are three infinity ranks ( Regional Director, National Director, and International Director). Within those ranks, generations 1,2, or 3 will further classify how much you get with Generation 1 being the highest.

The compensation amount varies with either system so you can check out the Gold Package Plan and the Platinum Package Plan to get a complete idea as to how payment works with the company.


The Verdict

On the surface, company may appear to be nothing more than a pyramid scheme. Nonetheless, it is a legitimate business because their products work well and do what they claim.

The system is not designed to be attractive for anyone with the desire to be their own boss. It is designed for people who are interested in joining the stock market or are already in the stock market. It is for people who understand the nature of the stock market is rocky and volatile. It is for those who are interested in a product that can help them make smarter and quicker decisions within the market.

iMarketsLive does not promise you will get rich by using their system or gaining referrals; their Terms and Conditions make that clear. In the end, it all depends on your level of devotion and how you make use of the knowledge and ideas provided. There's nothing to lose if you want to give it a shot. The terms also state they have a 7-day, 100% money back guarantee if you find the program is not for you and want a full refund, no questions asked.

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