iMouvin purports to be an online investment portal that promises a daily ROI for 120 days on invested funds, making it a high-yield investment program (HYIP).

What Is iMouvin?

There's no information regarding just who owns and operates iMouvin, nor is there any information where the company is headquartered.

While the company website claims that iMouvin has offices in the US and Europe, the address given for its US-based offices is linked to a virtual office space provider in Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, the site's registration itself offers no clues to who owns and operates iMouvin either. The website was registered in April of 2016 but it was done anonymously through a private domain registration service.

A YouTube video uploaded by an account named “iMouvin Corporate” lists the president and CEO of the company as a Jim Adams. We haven't been able to verify this.

iMouvin Product

There's no “products” on offer at iMouvin, just investment packages.

There are three packages for new members of iMouvin to invest in. Named New, Pro, and Max, they require a buy-in of $379, $629, and $1000 respectively, and they supposedly yield the following returns after a 120-day period.

  • New – $900 total ROI, with daily returns of approx. $7.50
  • Pro – $1500 total ROI, with daily returns of approx. $12.50
  • Max – $2400 total ROI, with daily returns of approx. $20

iMouvin claims to make its money by trading invested funds on the foreign exchange (Forex) markets.

iMouvin Opportunity

iMouvin also offers an affiliate opportunity.

Becoming an affiliate costs a $30 monthly fee. As an incentive to recruit more investors, iMouvin affiliates receive a 10% commission on funds invested by direct recruits.

There's an additional compensation plan that provides indirect recruitment commissions as well, which makes use of a 3×6 affiliate matrix.

Level 1 pays a $1 commission per affiliate; this increases by $1 until you receive $5 at level 5. Level 6 affiliates provide the same amount as level 5 affiliates.

iMouvin also has a residual commission plan as well, which is tied to a point-based system that uses a binary matrix.

Each investment package has a different point total associated with it – New provides an investor 50 points, Pro nets 75, and Max provides 100. The payout ratio is 2:1; when both legs of your binary matrix amass 1000 points and 500 points.

When these criteria are met, you receive residual commissions of $250, $375, or $500 depending on your membership rank (New, Pro, or Max).

iMouvin Verdict

iMouvin has plenty of flaws, but there's two big ones: one, there's no proof that the company actually trades Forex to make its advertised ROI, and 2, if the company is indeed capable of making that much money on Forex investing, there's no need for an affiliate recruitment scheme to be attached to this company.

So what's truly going on here? We suspect that iMouvin isn't investing anything. It simply takes all the cash it's getting from members in the form of investment funds and affiliate membership fees.

Then, they pay out affiliates at the top of the ladder with the funds they've collected from people closer to the bottom.

This, in essence, makes it a classic MLM recruitment scheme. The only way iMouvin works is if it encourages enough recruitment to collect enough money from affiliates to pay the promised ROI on their oldest “investors.”

However, once this recruitment activity dies off – and it will, eventually – existing investors are going to see their promised ROI never arrives. Meanwhile, the anonymous owners take the cash they've accumulated and disappear, never to be heard from again.

Finally – and this is just an added “bonus” – if iMouvin is based in the US and it's offering investment opportunities, it needs to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Investigations from independent review sites haven't been able to find iMouvin listed on any SEC database, making the whole thing an illegal, unregulated investment firm.

In other words, iMouvin doesn't do anything it says it does besides move money out of your bank account and into theirs. Avoid this one.

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