impact income

Impact Income is a webinar presented by Paul Count and Paul Evans. The idea is to help you build a business you love with reliable and actionable advice.

What is Impact Income?

The site was registered December 2006, so it has been around for a while now. Plus the creator of the webinar is also the site owner. There is no hidden man behind the current so to speak.

Mr. Paul Evans, who is listed as the site owner is also a business veteran with more than 30 years of experience under his belt. He has sold 8 offline businesses and has helped 75,000 people from all walks of life start their new businesses.

The Product

Impact Income is a free webinar. Simply sign up with your name and email address and you are good to go. There are 6-time slots available for you. The first class is on September 28. If you can't make it to the class you can register for one on September 29, September 30, October 2, October 4, or October 6.

Within the class, you will learn why you can't start with a “profitable niche”. You will also find out why 98% of entrepreneurs fail, how to cut straight to the chase in finding the right business for you. Plus you will have to do worksheets to help you better understand what it takes to run a business and earn the money you want.

The Opportunity

Even though Impact Income is sold by Clickbank, there are no affiliate links for you to earn money selling the webinar. This is because the course is free and there is no money to be made.

Final Verdict About Impact Income?

The webinar is free to register and check out which is a huge plus. There very well could be loads of information that these two have to share with you.

Once you enter your information you will be sent an email with further details. The webinar is 2-hours long. For some that may be too long, for others, however, you will find that is just the right amount of time to get the help you need to get your business started.

The program goes into depth on how it is so easy to fall into the same program everyone else is doing. And why those programs never work out. The system is in place for you to actually learn something and get a better understanding of the steps you need to take to make your business dreams a reality.

The only downside that you will find on the site itself is one phrase that has been overlooked in the editing process. The phrase that doesn't make sense is “We are you to plan your Vision…” You could translate that to “We are here to help you plan your Vision…” but whatever they meant to say, it doesn't come out right. But no one is perfect and that is the only mishap on the site.

One of the things that make Impact Income unique is that it is free of charge despite being through Clickbank. There are no affiliates to hype up the product. That means that this system stands on its own and well worth looking into.

The site does mention that you can begin and end this process of finding your niche and begin building your business in 28 days or less. That seems pretty reasonable for a complete newbie to get up and off to a running start. So there really is no reason not to listen to what they have to say.

If you put in the effort as Mr. Evans and Mr. Counts suggest, you could very well find yourself living your life on your terms with your own profitable business.† After all, the site does tell you to download worksheets so this isnít your typical sit back and listen to the webinar. You will have work to do during the webinar.

Like any business, you have to put in the work in order to see any results. With Impact Income, Mr. Counts and Mr. Evans show you step by step what you need to do to get things done. And if the program doesnít help, all you have wasted is 2-hours.

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