InCruises is an exclusive travel discount membership program focusing on cruise ships trips. The company also provides opportunities on an affiliate level for its members.

What Is InCruises?

InCruises is based in Florida and was founded by current CEO Michael Hutchinson, an executive that has worked with several other high-profile businesses. This is Hutchinson's first foray into MLM or affiliate marketing companies.

In addition to marketing vacation cruise packages to its members at discount rates, InCruises says it's also committed to charitable giving as well.

On its website, the company claims that it donates 10% of net profits and employee time to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to provide vacation cruises to terminally ill children, as well as The Ocean Cleanup Project, an endeavor to remove the massive amounts of pollution accumulating in the seas and waterways.

InCruises Product

InCruises sells memberships to its discount club on a recurring monthly subscription basis.

Becoming a member costs $100 a month; in return, every month that you remain an active member, you receive 200 “Cruise Dollars” that you can use towards booking cruises through the InCruises website.

While you can book as many cruises as you like through InCruises, there are some limitations on how you can spend your Cruise Dollars. During the first year of your membership, you can only use up to 60% of Cruise Dollars per cruise.

This limit increases every year by 10% until four full years of membership, when the limitation is removed completely.

InCruises Opportunity

In addition to becoming a paid member in order to earn monthly Cruise Dollars, you can also use InCruises to earn affiliate income as well.

InCruises affiliate program, called their “Independent Partner Program,” which costs a one-time payment of $195 and then an additional $95 every year. This initial fee is refundable if you change your mind within the first 30 days of your enrollment as an affiliate.

One perk of being a partner is potentially getting your $100 monthly membership fee waived. This requires personally recruiting 5 active members in turn (not necessarily members who also become affiliate partners).

Additionally, InCruises tallies up how many direct recruits of yours also become affiliates and pays out a commission based on those numbers.

The first affiliate you recruit every month will net you $50 in commissions. Each affiliate after that provides an additional commission with a $10 increase – your second recruit nets $60, your third $70, and so on, through to 9 affiliates.

Additional recruiting nets $150 for each one above that amount.

InCruises also provides residual commissions through a unilevel compensation structure that caps at 5 levels deep. Commissions are $5 per month per travel subscription sold and maintained by the entire affiliate team.

Qualifying for residual commissions requires personally selling and maintaining five active travel memberships and maintaining at least one recruit who has done the same.

Other perks include monthly rank achievement bonuses for generating a certain amount of travel membership volume.

These bonuses begin at $3000 a month in sales, which nets the affiliate a bonus $500, and goes as deep as $500,000 a month in sales, which rewards the affiliate with $55,000.

InCruises Verdict

InCruises has been around for a couple of years, but they have just recently reorganized its compensation plan.

With this reorganization, it seems that the focus has been shifted away from enjoying cruises by being enrolled in a monthly membership program and instead into an affiliate recruitment scheme.

This could be problematic, especially if the number of affiliates begins outstripping the number of regular members.

Members pay into the system every month, but affiliates – successful ones – tend to take out much more money than they put in, especially if they qualify to have their membership fee waived.

If InCruises focuses too heavily on affiliate recruitment, there's a very real possibility that InCruises won't have enough income from membership payments to pay off affiliate commissions.

This could result in the company having to use new affiliate buy-ins to pay existing affiliate's commissions – and turn it into a massive pyramid scheme in doing so. You might want to exercise caution.

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