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The Inertia Trader is the newest Forex trading software on the market today. The site claims that you can double your Forex account in just a few short months without any of the so-called “high-risk strategies.”

What Is Inertia Trader?

Inertia Trader according to was registered October 18, 2016. There is no name listed as the registered owner as the site is set to private. However, you will find one name, Mr. Evan Goldstein who claims to be the creator of the system.

When doing a quick Google search for Mr. Goldstein, you won't find anyone by that particular name linked with Inertia Trader.  You will come across Mr. Evan Goldstein who is a prestigious Master Sommelier and author.

The Product

What makes Inertia Trader different from many other Forex trading software is how straightforward the system is. There is no hidden catch or fees. You are even allowed to use a broker of your choosing.

Plus the site offers you a clear cut list of what to look for in a trading system. It also shows you exactly what you should avoid when using a Forex trading system.

As for how this robot system works, it is actually quite transparent. The system uses a method called ‘price inertia.” The price inertia focuses on physical properties of the price momentum and not some random method that none of the other trading software's explained.

You see, Inertia Trader scans the markets and can determine if a price that is moving in any direction is temporary or if it is gaining inertia. When the movement is strong enough, Inertia Trader will signal a trade it is that simple.

The price to get this amazing new software is $347. Right now you can try out the software for seven days to see if it is a right fit. Plus, if you happen to purchase Inertia Trader and within 60-days and decide it is not right for you, you can get a full refund.

The Opportunity

You can sign up and become an affiliate and promote Inertia Trader. Simply go to the bottom of the sales page and click on the “affiliate” link. There you will find that you can earn $100 per sale if you become an affiliate.

A few things to know before you sign up, though; it would be beneficial if you had a website niche in the binary options trading or Forex. Even if your site isn't in that particular niche, you can still sign up to become an affiliate.

Just having your site already established in a trading niche would make it easier for you to get sales.

The Verdict

There is a lot of trading software systems out there these days. You really have to make sure to do your homework before jumping into any one system. Inertia Trader though is different than any other system you will find on the market today.

The fact that you can run test scenarios, use the software for 7 days and it has a 60-day money back guarantee makes it worth checking out.

There are only 2 real problems with Inertia Trader. One is the price. $347 is a lot of money to be handing over to an automated system. Granted though if you are looking for a system that is on the lower end, say $47 -$67 the system won't be all it's cracked up to be.

With Inertia Trader at least you know what you are getting yourself into.

The second issue is that no one knows who Mr. Goldstein really is. The fact that the site is set to private and there are no social media sites that show anyone responsible for the system makes it kind of iffy. For as much money as you are about to throw down, you should wonder who is receiving it.

Despite these two issues, Inertia Trader is worth checking out. No where will you find a more transparent system that explains everything. Most other trading software only hints at how the robot works. With Inertia Trader, you are shown and given a full explanation.

If you are looking for trading software give Inertia Trader a shot.

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