Infinii Review

Infinii is a new multilevel marketing company currently preparing for its upcoming launch. Here’s our Infinii review.

What is Infinii?

Infinii is a brand new multilevel marketing opportunity. The company, like many MLMs in the pre-launch phase, claims it will be the next big thing in the industry.

Infinii will launch on December 1, 2015. Currently in its pre-launch phase, the company is invitation only.

There’s very little information about Infinii available online. However, we do know some things about the company. We’ll explain everything we know about Infinii down below.

Infinii Products – What Does the Company Sell?

Infinii primarily sells three main membership levels, each of which unlocks more tools and opportunities for you to make money. Those joining levels include:

Prime ($49.95 per Month)

— Learn how to make money through eBay drop shipping

— Includes over the shoulder step-by-step training

— eBay listing tool that lets you create listings in under a minute

— Bonanza Training (learn how to sell your items on Google’s marketplace)

-Shopping Party Training, which involves walking around supermarkets using the Infinii app and then using the barcode scanner to determine whether or not the item is profitable to sell on Amazon. If it’s profitable, you buy as many of the items as you can and then ship them into Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), which is Amazon’s built-in service for holding your inventory, shipping items for you, and handling returns and customer service on your behalf

— Tier 1 Product Coop Opportunities (explained below)

Basically, the “Prime” level teaches you how to make money through drop shipping. In layman’s terms, drop shipping involves selling items for profit online without ever touching the items yourself. You act as the middleman, connecting consumers with low-cost items from your sources and then selling those items at a profit.

Surge ($149.95 per Month)

— Includes Everything in Prime

— You also get an Automation and Analytics platform that will analyze sales data from across the internet and then recommend different seasonal items at different times of the year. When people start buying Halloween costumes, for example, you can jump on it early and earn a profit. These tools also help you identify your bestselling and worst-selling items so you can streamline your business even further. The tools work on both Amazon and eBay.

— Tier 2 Product Coop Opportunities (explained below)

Excel ($399.95 per Month)

— Amazon FBA Training, which includes step-by-step guides on how to obtain items from wholesalers, then earn a profit by selling those products on Amazon using Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) system.

— Gain access to the Infinii marketplace, where you can buy items specifically built for Amazon drop shipping.

— Tier 3 Product Coop Opportunities (see below)

Infinii Springboard and the Coop Opportunity Tiers

Infinii’s Springboard is the Tiered coops you can participate in at each level.

At the Prime level ($49.95 per month), you’ll get access to Infinii Springboard – but only the Tier 1 Products.

Here’s an example: Infinii will order 10,000 units of a certain product, each of which costs $1 per unit. Then, Infinii will open up the offer with 100 seats. Prime members can purchase only 5 seats at a time. If each seat costs $100, then you’ll make $226.10 per seat you own once all the items sell.

Basically, Infinii spreads out the upfront costs of ordering among its members. Then, if the products sell, you can potentially earn profit based on the number of seats you purchased. Infinii does all of the work for you – including buying the product, shipping it, and selling it. The only cost to you is the risk you take on by paying $100 for each seat.

The Surge plan ($149.95 per month) gives you access to a slightly different Infinii Springboard of Tier 2 products.

The Surge Springboard utilizes a similar concept to the Prime Tier 1 coop, but the risks and rewards are slightly higher.

At tier 2, for example, you pay $135 per seat you purchase. You’re also restricted to 15 seats. Buying into a product offer with all 15 seats will cost you $2025, but will earn you $9180 if all of the products sell.

Finally, the Excel plan ($399.95 per month) increases the cost to $200 per seat and the seat cap to 30 seats. At this level, you can earn $1161 per seat (minus the $200 cost per seat).

Ultimately, the coops use a unique cooperative financing system. Infinii’s members all pitch in to buy a bulk shipment of a certain product, then Infinii sells and ships those products to customers. If all the products sell out, then you earn a certain amount of profit per seat.

The Infinii Compensation Plan

So far, we’ve told you about two ways to make money with Infinii: you can learn how to drop ship on your own or cooperate with other Infinii members to purchase drop shipping items in bulk through the Springboard system.

There’s one final way to make money with Infinii: the compensation plan. This compensation plan is described as “a hybrid between a uni-level and binary (dual team)” plan. did an excellent and thorough write-up of Infinii’s compensation plan which you can read here. That writeup claims you can earn up to 75% compensation at the highest levels of the company. These high compensation levels are due to the fact that the majority of the compayn’s products are digital.

About Infinii

Infinii was created by three guys named Hitesh Juneja (CEO), Kevin Hokoana (COO), and Jason Rose (CFO).

Together, this team created two successful businesses in the past, both of which continue running to this day. One business is called Drop Ship Domination – which uses many of the same lessons explained in Infinii.

The company will launch on December 1, 2015.

Conclusion: Should You Join Infinii?

Infinii is a pre-launch MLM that is attempting to entice people with an innovative online moneymaking system. That system uses the power of drop shipping to earn money for its customers.

There are three main products being offered when you join Infinii:

— Learn how to make money through your own drop shipping system

— Earn money through the Infinii product catalog and “Springboard” coop system

— Refer others to join Infinii and earn compensation

If you’re intrigued by the idea of earning money through drop shipping, then Infinii could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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