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Infinitus is an Asian-based company that strives to promote traditional Chinese herbal health products worldwide. The company is well established throughout Asia, where it is a leader in direct sales, and is looking to expand into global markets.


Infinitus Overview

Infinutus was founded in 1992 under the wing of the Lee Kum Kee Group, a Hong Kong-based food company that has been around for over 100 years and sells its products, primarily Chinese-style sauces, in over 100 countries. Lee Kum Kee is one of Chinaís largest food companies. It has headquarters in the U.S. and Canada, as well as five production bases, two in China and one each in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Los Angeles, which means Infinitusí parent company has some presence in the United States.

Infinitus aims to hold true to the values of the Lee Kum Kee Group, while at the same time expanding the use of traditional Chinese medicine to new parts of the world. It is one of Chinaís top direct-selling companies and claims to have a business strategy to reach new markets throughout the world.

The Product

The products sold by Infinitus are geared toward health promotion and disease prevention through the integration of Western medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine. The production selection isnít exactly massive, but they offer several dozen products that can be broken down into four groups:

  • Infinitus Health Products ñ a combination of Chinese herbs and vitamins designed to improve overall health.
  • Beautrio Skin Care Products ñ a series of cleansers, creams, and whiteners that utilize Chinese herbs and modern skin care technology to make skin clear and smooth.
  • Phytocare Personal Care Products ñ includes toothpaste, breath spray, shower cream, shampoo, and conditioner that are rich in Glycoside and other natural elements.
  • Homemate Household Products ñ one type of dish wash detergent and one type of laundry detergent that utilize plant ingredients to sanitize dishes and clothes.


The Opportunity

As part of the companyís plan to expand globally, Infinitus is looking for people to join its direct-selling business as distributors, boasting a ìlucrative rewards systemî and appealing business opportunities. The company says it provides an ìentrepreneurial platformî that will allow you to reach your potential, both financially and in life, which is vague but appealing.

To be more specific, distributors have the opportunity to earn up to 25% of the marketed price for the products they sell. In addition to that, there are also a slew of sales and performance bonuses, as well as leadership and stable growth bonuses. Of course, such bonuses are not guaranteed and are usually reserved for the companyís top distributors, but the fact that they offer a wide-variety of bonuses at all levels of the company says a lot about the opportunity they offer to potential distributors.

The Verdict

There should be little doubt that Infinitus is a legitimate and credible company. Their parent company is one of the largest and most respected food companies in China, and the history of Lee Kum Kee speaks for itself, so there should be no hesitation in believing the company is trustworthy. Infinitus also appears to be serious about wanting to expand into new markets using direct sales.

On top of that, Infinitus has a great reputation for taking care of its employees. Last year, the company took nearly 13,000 of its Chinese employees on a vacation to Thailand. The trip took the employees on a six-day tour of Bangkok and Pattaya, essentially an $18 million donation to the Thai tourist industry. A trip like that says all you need to know about how well Infinitus treats the people who work for them.

Of course, whether its products are something you can have success selling is another matter. Infinitusí products are obviously natural and strive to promote a healthy lifestyle. However, thereís no guarantee that products created from traditional Chinese herbs will be desirable in Western markets. Itís likely that potential customers will be skeptical, and barring prices low enough to make them throw that skepticism out the window and take a chance on a mystery product, selling a high volume of Infinitus products could prove difficult.

All things considered, becoming a distributor for Infinitus sounds like a risky venture, despite having some upside to it. Thereís no reason to doubt the company, but unless you have assurance that there is interest for the companyís products in your market, it may be difficult to find success becoming a distributor for Infinitus.

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