insta traffic mastery

Insta Traffic Mastery is a high-level course in Instagram traffic and how to monetize this traffic to create an online revenue stream.

What Is Insta Traffic Mastery?

Insta Traffic Mastery is presented by The Four Percent Group, billed as a marketing and training center for digital entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The company was founded by Vick Strizheus, a direct sales and internet marketing veteran who began in 2005 and has since grown his business; some of his online marketing businesses have made multiple millions in as little as five days after launch.

The name of the company comes from research, conducted by Strizheus, that indicated only 4 percent of internet entrepreneurs make more than $1000 a month online. The site strives to teach its members how to become one of those 4 percent of entrepreneurs.

The course itself was not created directly by Four Percent but was instead created by Tim Karsliyev, the co-founder of Impact Billions, a personal development company. Karsliyev has allied with Strizheus to make the product exclusively available to Four Percenters.

Insta Traffic Mastery Product

Insta Traffic Mastery is an intensive 10-module course on how to promote and market companies through Instagram. The course teaches the fundamentals of Instagram traffic and management in a way that doesn't involve spending thousands to invest in gaining followers in an artificial manner.

Insta Traffic Mastery is a premium product. The “introductory price” is $497. This one-time purchase is only available to members of the Four Percent. A basic membership is free, though there are other tiers of membership that are paid.

Insta Traffic Mastery Opportunity

Insta Traffic Mastery also provides an affiliate earning opportunity to interested members of the Four Percent. However, in order to be eligible for affiliate income, you must be a “Pro Member,” which requires a $49 monthly subscription fee.

Once becoming a Pro Member, Four Percenters are able to earn 50% commission rates on any free or paid members that purchase the Insta Traffic Mastery program through you.

Insta Traffic Mastery Verdict

Instagram is a fertile field for internet marketing. Being able to reach a large audience is always helpful in marketing products and services, and learning how to build a large following in an organic, effective manner is likely to be helpful.

However, we're just not sure if getting this training through the Four Percent Group is a good idea.

There are a couple of things going on here that give us pause. The price of entry is extremely high at nearly $500, not to mention the additional $50 a month if you want to resell the product to earn commissions. This seems priced suspiciously high.

Additionally, there are many different high-priced upsells that are offered to Four Percenters in the form of other internet marketing training courses. Members are likely to be pressured to enroll in these training courses, making membership just that much more expensive.

Finally, there's evidence that Strizheus doesn't exactly run a tight ship.

According to a YouTube video of a trial, back in 2007 the founder of Four Percent Group was convicted of insurance fraud, stealing $30,000 in commissions and using the funds to start his internet marketing ventures.

Strizheus was found guilty of grand theft and sentenced to 90 days in jail, though he did not actually serve any time.

While we don't make it our business to fault people for their past – people make mistakes, after all, and nobody's perfect – it's important that any past shady behavior gets brought out into the light of day so you can make your own decisions about whether you want to associate with this company.

When someone who is promoting an internet marketing training program that costs $500 a pop has also been found guilty of embezzling $30,000 in the past, we're more than a little wary about recommending our readers to get involved with such such a program.

As it stands, we feel that there's too many red flags popping up around Insta Traffic Mastery to make it a safe investment for affiliate marketers looking for income opportunities.

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