InstaEasy is an automatic engagement tool for the social media site Instagram. It will ensure that your Instagram account remains active and engaged at all times based on the instructions you give it.

It’s capable of liking photos, following other users, unfollowing stagnant accounts, and keeping up with important accounts based on your preferences.

What is InstaEasy?

There is a profound lack of information about InstaEasy.

The website has no links leading users to information about company history or the people running the company. The website offers little outside of an overview of InstaEasy’s services as it relates to Instagram accounts. At the bottom of the page, there are four links:

  • Terms
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Private Policy
  • Support

However, all four of these links simply open a new tab of the same exact webpage.

This would suggest that the company is either brand new and the site is still undergoing changes, the site was poorly designed, or the company is trying to pull a fast one and take advantage of people.

A quick Google search shows an alternative InstaEasy website that looks similar to first one with the caveat that it has a .br url, meaning that the company is based in Brazil.

Also, everything on the site is written in Portuguese, so unless you can read Portuguese, you won’t be able to decipher anything on the site.

The Brazilian site is a lot more substantial than the English one, as it appears to provide more substantial information and includes a video at the top of the page. Of course, the man in the video is speaking Portuguese, and as mentioned, the entire site is written in Portuguese.

So while this site gives the company a little credibility, the fact that everything is in Portuguese isn’t helpful in learning anything about the background of the company.

The Product

Despite the lack of information about the company itself, the English version of the InstaEasy website does go through quite a few of the services the company claims to offer. These services are listed as follows:

  • Auto Like/Follow/Unfollow – Liking photos and following users based on the preferences you set, while also unfollowing users that are not generating content or engaging in your content.
  • Following Options – Following users with pictures that are relevant to hashtags you choose.
  • Follow Recent Followers From Another Profile – Automatically start following users who have recently followed specific pages.
  • Follow People Who Recently Like A Profile’s Photo – Start following users who have engaged with any profile you choose.
  • Unfollow Users – Set preferences to unfollow users who don’t follow you back.
  • Like Based on Hash Tag – Automatically like photos that use a certain hashtag.
  • Bonus “Like” Features – Settings that will only automatically like photos that are recent or that have only been liked by a certain number of users.

InstaEasy also features a tracking function that allows you to keep track of all activity and engagements on your Instagram account.

The company also guarantees that you will see user engagement with your content within minutes. The website also pledges to have “minions” available to provide support 24 hours per day, although as previously mentioned, the “support” link at the bottom of the page just brings you back to the main page.

The Opportunity

The InstaEasy website is currently offering potential customers services for three separate Instagram accounts for a price of $37 per month.

The site phrases it in a way that leads you to believe that the price will not change.

There is also a promise made of free VIP training being included as part of the deal. Of course, what that training includes is unclear.

The Verdict

It’s difficult to draw conclusions about InstaEasy. On the one hand, the lack of information about the company makes one think that it’s a potential scam that one would be wise to avoid.

However, the services offered would definitely pique the interest of individuals who spend large amounts of time on Instagram or companies that use Instagram for marketing purposes.

The InstaEasy website in Portuguese could just indicate that this is a new company that has not yet completed the English version of its website.

However, unless you can read Portuguese and can decipher what is said on the company’s site, there’s no reason to get involved with InstaEasy until their English website spells out more about the company and who is running the show.

Until that happens, it’s simply not worth the risk, despite the fact that InstaEasy is offering interesting services to those who utilize Instagram.

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