Instant Income App

Instant Income App is a binary trading software that was developed to advise investors when and what trades they should make for the biggest profit.


About Instant Income App

When visiting Instant Income App website you will be introduced to Matthew Michaels, right off the bat. In a sales video he explains that he is the alleged owner of this company and another called Millionaire Trader. He raves about the success of his business members and fills consumers' heads with the idea that he has master-developed his software to take advantage of loopholes in financial markets all across the world.

But, Instant Income App’s home page has exaggeration written all over it. In fact at least two testimonials Michael's provides in his sales pitch (these individuals claim to be making large amounts of money with the software) are actually staged and can be found on

The idea that you’re going to make more than $600 a day in merely 10 minutes using a completely automated system alone, is a little far-fetched too. As if that's not bad enough it's also rumored that Matthew Michaels is a phony. Apparently “his” photo has been recognized as a stock photo that is used other places around the internet.


The Product

Nonetheless the Instant Income App software is said to be a totally automated trading system that can evidently earn you a lot of cash. Sign up is free. However, in order to trade you have to add money into your account. Apparently the setup process is quick and will allow you to get busy trading in just 15 minutes. Users take the following steps to get started:

  1. Clear all of your computer’s cookies
  2. Get access to the computer software and sign up for your very own copy of Instant Income App
  3. Invest using a binary options broker service that is recommended by the application and then it gives you immediate access to the application
  4. Begin trading

So since the system essentially runs on auto-pilot whatever you choose to invest will now be in the hands of the software. It makes moves to generate the smartest, and most profitable outcome. It’s really a smart way to invest if you’re a new to the trade, or don’t have a lot of time to manage stocks yourself.

The Opportunity

As a member of Instant Income App you’re able to earn commissions for referrals, in addition to whatever you might make from your actual investments. The business charges you $25 for a blogging platform that consists of all the tools you need to perfect your market training (including a sales presentation that has been tweaked and finalized for you which cuts the time and effort involved in making money right in half).

Obviously recruitment means persuading people to sign up and use the software. For every person you refer you are paid a one-time commission which ultimately means you have to continuously find new people to recruit. Often times other programs offer forms of reoccurring commissions so the idea that Instant Income App does not makes it a slightly less profitable opportunity.

Since the user’s initial sign up is free, it’s technically marketing a free product, which might help with finding new members. Sadly I can’t offer you any real numbers as far as earning potential goes, because there are absolutely no clues regarding how much Instant Income Apps pays for commissions, anywhere to be found on the internet.

The Verdict

Is this going to be the business to lead you financial success? Maybe, but probably not. There is almost no information about the success or profitability of the Instant Income App, besides what you’re being fed by Matthew Michaels and we aren’t even quite sure he exists. Alright it’s not going to make you rich overnight or perhaps not at all, but could it earn you some extra income? Possibly. It’s a decent program to have under your belt for people who want to get involved in the business but don’t want to spend a lot to get started.

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