internet business suite

Internet Business Suite (IBS) is a company that purportedly sells advertising credits in return for an MLM affiliate opportunity.

What Is Internet Business Suite?

The main IBS website contains no information regarding the company, who owns it, where it's headquartered, or how long it's been in operation.

The domain name registration for the site lists the owner as one Dustin Langley, living in Tennessee. Langley seems like a legitimate identity, as his Twitter profile contains a link to IBS. The site itself was registered in early 2016.

The Product

There is no “product” per se when it comes to IBS. Users can subscribe to an IBS membership at a cost of $1 per day; doing so provides a daily “ad pack” and access to an online library of digital downloads.

Daily ad packs allow members to advertise their own products or services on the IBS website in the hopes that this will drive more traffic to their own website. The contents of the digital download library is unknown.

The Opportunity

Subscribing to IBS entitles members to resell the IBS membership program for a 50 percent commission to their direct recruits in a uni-level MLM scheme. This provides $0.50 per sponsored affiliate in commissions per subscription, which has a 24 hour expiration.

This means that members will have to recruit at least three direct affiliates in order to turn a profit – and these affiliates will have to remain in good standing as well.

The IBS affiliate program also offers lower-level commissions as well. Two and three levels below an initial member provides $0.05 per sponsored affiliate, while four and five levels down provides $0.10 per sponsored affiliate.

Members can pay out whenever their balance reaches $5.00. Payouts are processed once a day. There are no refunds.


There are two major problems with IBS as a platform, the first being that the compensation scheme is wholly dependent on recruiting affiliates in an unending pyramid in order to continually make money, as the actual “products” offered by IBS seem to have little to no value.

Purchasing advertising space on the IBS site may broaden a marketer's ad reach, but this is unlikely to achieve much in the long run as most other IBS members are unlikely to click through these ads and convert into sales.

Additionally, there are no examples of what members can access from the IBS free digital downloads library, making it impossible to determine if this membership perk has any value whatsoever.

The other major problem with IBS is its apparent founder, Dustin Langley. Our research has discovered that Langley has a less-than-stellar reputation within the MLM community, having run several internet marketing sites into the ground over the years – from 2010 onward, according to some reports.

In fact, just a few of the “marketing opportunities” Langley has either run directly or worked as an administrator for include such defunct sites as Global Venture Club, Residual 500, Long Term Residuals, AdProjectX, Fast Residuals, and Earn Revolution.

None of these sites seem to have been successful.

These two red flags – a lack of any real product to market and a founder that seems to be a serial MLM schemer – portray a vision of IBS that is not exactly one that is overflowing with confidence.

Combined with several other facts about the company, namely that there are no refunds available and that it's only through some rather thorough digging that the owner of the site can be identified and brought to light – paints a picture of at the very least a terribly thought-out marketing opportunity.

At the most, IBS may be a purposeful scam set up by Langley to separate credulous marketers from their money.

If IBS was more straightforward and transparent with its ownership, this might be a different story. Also, if its marketing reach was wider than just its own site – if perhaps it sold banner ad space on search engines or major social media sites – it might be a viable marketing platform.

As it stands now, it's a definite pass.

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