Investools is basically an educational service that will help you understand the stock market. The system teaches you how to use analytical tools and decipher the data to increase your portfolio with the stock market returns.

What is Investools?

The company, Investools has been around since 1983. It was only recently bought by TD Ameritrade which is a well-known financial firm.

The Product

Investools offers you courses that you can take to better understand the stock market and how trading works. The system offers you a wide range of topics to choose from.

The courses you can pick from are “Stock Investing”, “Income Investing”, as well as “Fundamental Analysis”. You can also choose “Technical Analysis”, “Options Strategies”, “Portfolio Management” and more.

The most popular course is “Stock Investing” and you can get the course of $499 if you are an Ameritrade client. If you are not, then the price is $699. With the course, you will get two months of premium service plus full access to the Investor Toolbox and the Community. You will also receive coaching sessions that can be one-on-one or online.

You also have the option to get into one of the TD Ameritrade programs. The cost of the standard programs $8,999. If you happen to have an Ameritrade account the cost is lowered to $5,999.

With the standard program, you will get to pick two courses, unlimited workshops and a three-day workshop that allows you to put what you have learned to the test.

The Standard program allows you eight months of premium service which includes access to all the tools you will need from the Investor Toolbox to the coaching and community.

The last option is to go for the “Premier Program”. The cost is $28,999 if you are not a member to TD Ameritrade. If you are the price is $19,999. With the Premier Program, you will get 32 months of Premium service with all the tools, help and support you need.

Plus you will get access to nine core online courses and unlimited workshops. You will also get a 3-day workshop to put what you learned to practice before you make the leap to trading in real time.

Investools Summary

If you ever want to learn about the stock market and trading, this would be the system to teach you.

The company has been around for a long time and they know what they are talking about. You don't need to worry about whether or not the company is out just to make a buck. What they want to do is provide you with the tools you need to make your own decisions.

There is a lot of training models out there in which you can learn from. But with Investools, you are given everything you need including help and related articles to get you going. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, there is something for everyone in the tool box at Investools.

What really makes this program stand out is that you can see for yourself completely free. With the free trial, you will have access to online coaching, as well as personalized coaching. Plus you will get to play around with all the toys inside the “Investor Toolbox”.

While the prices may be a bit steep for some, the information can be found online for free. The only problem with going that route is the time spent looking for all the facts without a clear direction on where to go next. That is why TD Ameritrade offers these courses.

They take the guess work out of the education and give it to you straight. Plus you get the help you need and the answers you want without all the headaches.

TD Ameritrade is a solid company and has been helping people for years. If you are looking to get into the stock market or if you just need direction that is what Investools offers you.

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