IQUP offers classes in digital marketing both online and in-person at their campus in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company offers sixteen different curricula which it calls “Success Paths,” designed to prepare students for interesting and in-demand careers. Most courses relate to internet marketing, such as social media management and search engine optimization, but the company also offers courses in several other disciplines such as printing and drone piloting. While the company seems to quickly and adequately prepare students for careers, its website makes no mention of transferable credits, widely accepted certifications, or career placement assistance.

What Is IQUP?

IQUP employs a team of 19 executives, marketers, and student services coordinators, and over 20 instructors who all arrived at teaching after establishing successful careers in their respective disciplines.

The company's website provides no information about its founding or history; its course offerings suggest a very recent founding, but the size of its faculty and course catalog indicates that it's been developing for several years. While this background information is largely superfluous, it could help to develop the company's brand and win trust from skeptical would-be clients.

IQUP has not gained much coverage from online publications. Also, despite teaching numerous courses on social media marketing, IQUP has not devoted much attention to its own presence on these sites; the company has less than 200 “likes” on Facebook, and its Twitter is particularly underdeveloped with only four followers. However, the company does publish several posts each week on its own blog.

IQUP Tecademics Online Marketing Learning Academy Product

IQUP's primary products are its short programs designed to quickly and efficiently prepare students for careers. Most programs are concerned with different subspecialties of internet marketing, such as search engine optimization, email marketing, social media management, and copywriting. However, the company also offers courses to train entrepreneurs, managers, printers, drone pilots, and digital asset brokers.

Each of IQUP's 16 “Success Paths” consists of a series of one-day courses; most require approximately thirty. Most courses are taught regularly, so students can attend those required for their chosen path whenever is convenient; some have prerequisites that must be completed in a specific order, but most are standalone. Some paths are designated “Immersion,” meaning they require attendance at the actual campus, but most can be completed online. Some paths offer “Sprint” programs, covering the topic's basics but going into less depth about career applications.

Each path divides its required courses into “Foundational,” “Core,” and “Tactical” groups. Foundational courses provide basic background into the industry, while Core classes dive into specific skills, and Tactical courses discuss the path's applications to various in-demand careers. Some paths offer additional non-required courses for students seeking even more background knowledge.

Despite its obvious focus on vocational training for the modern “knowledge sector” workforce, IQUP's website doesn't mention career placement assistance. Furthermore, the group doesn't seem to offer its students any widely recognized certifications, and credits earned almost certainly won't transfer to any other institutions. The drone piloting program is the only to mention a certification exam; it prepares students to take the FAA Unmanned Aeronautical Knowledge Exam. This limited transferability is a natural consequence of IQUP's unique course offerings, but graduates could have difficulty explaining their qualifications to employers without firm benchmarks of achievement.

IQUP Opportunity

IQUP has designed courses meant to quickly prepare its students for careers in some of the modern economy's most important industries. Many explore modern websites and services in great detail; the group offers several courses devoted to Facebook alone, with other courses looking at Instagram, YouTube, and Shopify. Others, particularly the “Foundational” classes shared by most of the paths, examine marketing and other industries from a broad perspective; many have an emphasis on entrepreneurship, start-up ventures, and brand development. The company also offers courses in relatively specific specialties, including ad copywriting, printing, video editing, graphic design, and much more.

IQUP's website does not mention how much its courses cost, so it's difficult to say whether or not they're a good deal. However, it's true that many of these skills are not widely taught despite high demand for them, and the faculty biographies indicate particularly strong credentials in these fields.

IQUP Verdict

IQUP offers up-to-date vocational training taught by highly accomplished instructors, allowing students to quickly learn the skills needed for a wide variety of modern careers. Most of the company's course offerings are truly unique, covering topics that usually aren't addressed by more traditional colleges or vocational schools. However, the group's idiosyncratic approach also means that an education from IQUP might be confusing to employers.

The company could do more to help students prove their worth with their newfound skills and impress hiring managers; this could include certification testing, resume workshops, internships or other partnerships with actual businesses, and job application assistance. It's also concerning that the company doesn't follow many of the digital marketing practices that it teaches; while it does blog regularly, it has a very limited presence on social media, and it provides little information about itself.

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