iTravel Party

The name of this MLM tells you much of what you need to know.  Only thing is, the name changes depending on where you're coming from.

The Company

This company seems to have a bit of an identity problem.  Launched in May of this year, it doesn't appear they've decided on their name yet.  Is it “iTravelParty” or “The Travel Party”? is registered to a Malaysian web services company called ShinJiru, which tells us nothing except that perhaps the owners of iTravelParty are Malaysian.  Possibly.  The site was registered last November 2014 and the Internet Archive hasn't even scraped anything into their database yet.  One of their websites (  is locked to outsiders (you need a sponsor username to get in), and after a few tries a guessing some usernames (“Mike”, “Guest”) I gave it up., however, looks to be the website I was looking for.  Same logo (gold palm tree on a black background), same people presumably.  Both websites were registered to the same outfit on the same day. How about a link to the public site on the site which actually ranks in Google, guys?

The CEO is Daniel Butts, who wants to bring his “solid track of winning corporate experience” to the world so he can fix the terrible poverty he witnesses as a kid traveling the world (his words not mine).  It would be nice to know what that corporate experience is, since if I'm considering joining up, it'd be nice to know I'm in good hands.  Right now in Google the only Daniel Butts is a mental guy who shot a chief of police in Oregon a few years ago.  Hope that's not our guy! Heck I can Google myself and come up with more than that.  Has our Mr. Butts erased himself from the internet?

The Product

No matter which website you check, the details seem to be the same.  In fact, “itravelparty” and “The Travel Party” are used interchangeably in the website content and on images and logos.  This is very unsettling!

This is  travel club with monthly dues, for which you get:

  • $99 vacations
  • $159 cruises
  • 60% off hotels
  • event ticket discounts
  • car rental discounts

People may join at the “Adventurer” or “Tourist” level.

  • Independent iTravelParty Adventurers.  Greater discounts plus 3 ways to earn income, access to marketing, and training.
  • Tourist Membership.  Travel discounts via their booking engine.

Pricing for membership is as follows:

  1. Tourist.  $39.95 per month or $299. 95 per year ($25 per month)
  2. Adventurer.  $99.95 per month or $995.95 per year ($83 per month)

The Opportunity

The Travel Party compensation plan is not available on either website.  Tracey Jamieson, who works for The Travel Party, has a Weebly page that ranks in Google for “the travel party compensation plan” but alas no details there…only copied snippets from the main website.

A pre-launch website run by a TTP team divulges the details:

  • 50% commissions on anyone you get to join as a Tourist
  • For Adventurers who join your team, you get 35% on the first level, then 10%, 5%, 5%, and 5% for the next 4 levels.

That's it: gotta hand it to them: nice and simple.

The Verdict

Any time a new company bursts onto the scene, it's easy to gauge the competency of the owners by noting how well they launch.  In the case of this MLM, they haven't even got the name right.  What is the name of the company?  Which website is the real one?  Why two websites and two names?

Also, information is key, and no matter which of their websites you check, there's hardly anything substantial at all, about the product, the plan, or the owners.  They haven't created much buzz, and in this age of social media that's puzzling.  It's all shrouded in mystery, it feels unprofessional, they haven't distinguished their travel product from any of their competitors, and it all just feels like it's built like a house of cards.

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