The Jaqx Smart Home System – or much more simply “Jaqx” for short – is an applied technology that networks a number of connected smart devices in your home to make able to be controlled remotely. Here’s our Jaqx review.

What Is Jaqx?

Jaqx is a line of connected smart devices – and the accompanying remote monitoring technology – that acts as both a security system for your home as well as turning it into a remote controlled “smart home.”

Jaqx offers a wide range of connected smart devices such as smart light bulbs, smart power sockets, door and window sensors, broken glass sensors, tilt sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, flood and temperature detectors, connected front door locks, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and smart thermostats.

Jaqx also offers remote monitoring services for an ongoing subscription, similar to traditional home security companies.

How Jaqx Works

Jaqx smart devices work using Z-Wave technology through the use of radio frequency (RF) transceivers built into its devices. This technology works in much the same way that existing wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth do, but at longer ranges with lower energy requirements.

The company’s line of security sensors are ideal for providing control over your home environment remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer connected to the internet.

Uses include standard home security monitoring by detecting when doors and windows are opened or when smoke and carbon monoxide sensors are tripped as well as more advanced uses such as monitoring pets left at home, children, or the elderly, and the ability to integrate with other smart devices like thermostats means users can adjust the conditions of their home like remotely raising and lowering the temperature and turning on or turning off specific lights or appliances plugged into one of Jaqx’s smart power plugs.

Jaqx Creators

Jaxq is owned by Stark Tech, LLC, sometimes referred to as StarkTech 360.

The company has a spotty past. The company has its roots as a software company that specifically created programs and applications for use in multi-level-marketing (MLM) companies, which have been routinely criticized as get-rich-quick schemes that focus on heavy recruitment of affiliates in order to earn commission-based income.

It turns out that, once you get digging beyond the products and services offered by Jaqx, there’s also an “income opportunity” to be had as well. That’s right, Jaqx has an affiliate reseller program that offers you the ability to make money by marketing Jaqx products and services for the company.

Jaqx Materials

Jaqx products are made from the typical items you would expect from a home security company – connected security cameras, wireless door and window sensors, motion sensors, etc.

On top of that, the company offers a small smart power plug, connected front door locks with integrated door knobs in several different finishes, smart thermostats, and smart light bulbs.

Purchasing Jaqx

Jaqx products are available in $199.99 starter kits, which come with a minimum of a central hub, a wireless controller, three window/door sensors, a smart bulb, and a smart socket. There are other packages that cost the same yet offer different combinations of smart devices.

Depending on which starter kit you choose, you will have to then subscribe to one of three different monthly service packages. These range from $39.99 to $69.99.

Jaqx Reviews

The security systems, from what we’ve gleaned, seem to work well enough. Additionally, the affiliate sales opportunity also seems solid – though the company’s reputation as an MLM software provider weighs it down.


  • Well-Functioning Security System – From all accounts, Jaqx connected devices work well. There have been no complaints about poor quality components or low customer service standards.


  • Questionable Past – The status of Jaqx’s parent company being involved in the MLM sector – and offering an affiliate program itself – does raise suspicions.

Jaqx Summary

Jaqx as a product seems to work rather well. However, reselling it as an affiliate is another whole ball of wax. Please be aware of what you’re getting yourself into if you decide to go into business with StarkTech as an affiliate.

This isn’t to say that any company associated with the MLM industry is up to no good – there are legitimate affiliate sales companies out there – but for every real opportunity there are a dozen scammers waiting in the wings.

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