JM Ocean Avenue Review

JM Ocean Avenue is actually two companies who have joined forces. “JM International” and “Ocean Avenue.” This joint venture has expanded into 25 markets that span across six continents. They are a direct sales organization that market nutritional supplements, grooming products and personal lifestyle accessories. This merger between the two companies occurred in 2015.


About JM Ocean Avenue

Prior to 2015, Ocean Avenue was started up by Ken Dunn and Fred Ninow. In 2012, they were quite successful with over 10,000 distributors working in 10 countries. Though they are a merger of organizations, JM has their own CEO and continues to keep their own board of directors. Their headquarters were located in South Jordan, Utah, but they moved to LA in 2014, they also have offices in Canada and Indonesia.

It was at this time that one of the founders left the company for reasons that aren't apparent. Today Joe Zhou is the man in charge. He made a lot of money as an independent business owner that dealt with direct marketing in the early 2000's, most of it from China.

The Product

JM Ocean Avenue's products revolve around health, nutrition and and general living improvements. Their Biochemist is Franco Cavaleri. He designs their products through science and technology with the goal of improving people's mental and physical health.

Their “Wav”and “Alphameta” products are supposed to aid you to become chemically balanced.

They have what is called the “JMS3 Series” which is supposed to aid the health and longevity of people who use it.

There is something known as, “2 Minute Miracle Skin Care” and “Angels Secret.” These apparently will increase your confidence and make personal grooming easier.

This is all achieved through the use of natural ingredients found in Bama, China, where the members of the community have the ability to live long and healthy lives.


The Opportunity

JM Ocean Avenue has seven different levels:.

  1. Active Distributor- Keep the Bonus Value (BV) at 50 for a month.
  2. Point Volume (PV)- This is used to qualify for bonuses and earn point titles.
  3. Bonus Value- When you buy something, you get a BV. This is adjusted according to the country you live in due to inflation.
  4. Retail Customer- The first 50 BV sold to a customer goes to the distributor that sold it. This happens on a monthly basis.
  5. Preferred Customer- You need to consistently buy products every month. This allows you to receive the same benefits of a distributor.
  6. Affiliate- Affiliates earn a Drive Bonus, you need to purchase 25BV a month to reach this.
  7. Distributor- Must purchase a minimum of 50BV a month

They offer nine different ways to generate income:

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Group Bonus
  3. Drive Bonus
  4. Unilevel Bonus
  5. Generational Leadership Bonus
  6. Global Lifestyle  Bonus
  7. Crown Ambassador Diamond  Global Bonus
  8. Vacation Club
  9. Team Bonus

The Verdict

I have over 100 published articles on health/fitness and nutritional supplements out there and have been interested in these topics for over 25 years. I've never heard of this company, or the town in China that they get these miraculous ingredients from, but that doesn't mean that their claims are false.

The whole base for this type of program is to sell products, just like the rest of the multi-level marketing business ventures out there. However, this made me more than slightly skeptical. Regardless of their claims of having all these scientific advantages over the competition, I felt the whole program was rather vague. All of the references to BV, GBV, MPA etc were confusing and the percentages attributed to them were nominal at best. Most of these percentages hovered around 10-12, with 20% being the highest and that was in the team program.

The website itself is comprised mostly of generic images, colorful graphs and spreadsheets, with not a lot of useful information being generated. They don't even show examples of the products they are trying to market. I think that would definitely help to clear up some of the confusion. I wasn't even able to find out how much it cost to get started with this company.

I feel that there are other alternatives out there if you are looking to start a home based business. These guys will take up way too much of your time and energy for them be truly a lucrative investment.

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