Jobbatical Review

Jobbatical is an online job platform designed to connect those seeking employment in other countries with short-term employment opportunities around the world.


What Is Jobbatical?

Jobbatical is a worldwide platform that was founded by CEO Karoli Hindriks with co-founders Allan Maeots and Ronald Hindricks. The company's headquarters is based in Estonia. The Jobbatical platform has been around for only a few years but is still very new to many.

The platform is targeted towards skilled professionals who want to work in other countries. There are over 350 jobs listed for applicants in many different areas of the world. Many of the companies listed are either a new startup company or a social enterprise. There are jobs currently listed from Germany, Kenya, Thailand, Hong Kong, Asia, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and India.

The Product

The Jobbatical platform is a space designed to link highly trained and skilled professionals with employers around the world. There is no cost to sign-up and it is really easy to get started. Professionals can find farm work in Kenya, Marketing jobs in Malaysia and much more. Many of the jobs currently listed revolve around IT, development, communications and marketing managers.

You have access to view all of the jobs before you even sign up. The platform provides all of the information you would need about a job when looking into it. There is information about the company, the team, compensation and rewards along with the benefits and location for each and every opportunity.


The Opportunity

This platform provides an amazing opportunity for those of you who wish to work in another country. You are given all of the information for free and all you have to do is sign up, at no cost to you, and start searching. There are currently no other job platforms out there like Jobbatical. The website is translated into whatever language you speak in order to understand and have access to the information.

The fact that you can browse the jobs before you ever even sign up is an added bonus because if there is nothing you like then you haven't wasted anytime filling out forms. Finding work outside of the country has just become easier. Although many of the jobs revolve around IT work and development there are also jobs out there for organic farmers and other positions similar.

Reaching your new job destination is completely up to you but the rest of the work is already there laid out for you. You have access to so much information pertaining to the jobs and what they entail it is incredible. There are a lot of jobs on Jobbatical's job platform that only require 6 months to a year of work from an employer but there are also positions that are temporary with the option of becoming permanent, this may require becoming a temporary citizen of the country so be prepared.

The Verdict

Jobbatical has only been around for a few years but in that little time frame they have seen nothing but great success. It is truly a one of a kind job platform that many have never seen before. The opportunity is there for those who wish to work in another country, and if you are simply looking for work in the same country you live in that is an option as well.

Karoli Hindricks brings a lot of skill and experience to the table. The company has been featured in several publications and the number of employees to employer matches are only continuing to rise. Karoli may not be well known in the United States but she is very well known all over the globe.

The fact that the sign up is free for such a website is interesting. You receive so much information about the company background, team and all of the benefits available to you. So for those in search of flying the coop and finding work opportunities elsewhere this is the platform for you.

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