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Are you looking for a member to member cash gifting site where you can have the potential of earning up to $20,050? Join-Promote-Profit may just be the site you have been looking for.

Join-Promote-Profit is set up where all you have to do is find two people to sign up to start your journey and earn income along the way. This system is structured as a 2×3 with three phases for you to join.

Want to earn even more money faster? Then jump into a different phase and start building your downline.

What Is Join Promote Profit?

According to, was registered February 10, 2017. The name listed as the registered owner is “Domain Admin” with an address located in Nobby Beach, Queensland, Australia.

Although the site doesn't offer any clues as to who runs the site, with a little digging you will find that there are a few people promoting the site on their social media sites. One person, in particular, seems to be heading the promotion and that is Mr. Robert McAtamney.

Upon even further investigation you will find that is also hosted on the same server as Crypto Lover, Only 7 Bucks, Matrix Million and VIP Promoters Club. All of which have tanked on Alexa and have collapsed.

While there is no evidence linking Robert McAtamney as the actual owner and founder of the site, his reputation precedes him. Mr. McAnarney has had his hands in several sites very similar to Join-Promote-Profit.

Join Promote Profit Product

The site doesn't offer any real or tangible products. Nor will you find any services. When you sign up you and participate in the cash gifting program you are given “ad credits” to promote your website or product. But the ad packs are not sold separately and only come attached to the opportunity.

Join Promote Profit Opportunity

The site offers you the ability to earn money through cash gifting. The system is set up in a 2×3 matrix where all you have to do is find 2 people to be placed directly under you to get you started.

The first two people you recruit are considered your first level. Next, all you have to do is help your downline find two people of their own to sign up and have the matrix split two ways that go down three levels deep.

To get started you have to give $2 to the person who recruited you. Then you must find two people to join. Unfortunately, this first level doesn't offer any commission. You will have to wait until the second level is filled before you will see any commission.

Next, you have level two which needs four positions to be filled. When you get those people in place you are looking to earn $4. By level three with all eight slots filled you are looking to make $46.

Now, if you want to earn even more money you can jump from phase one to phase two or three. Each phase has its own amount that is due to join in. According to the site, you still don't earn any commissions on the first level of phase two.

By level two, phase two you are looking at earning $200 for the four slots that are filled in the downline. On level three phase two you are looking to make $1,000 from the eight positions you filled.

The cost to get started is as little as $2 for the first phase to $600 for the third phase.

Join Promote Profit Verdict

Cash gifting sites seem like a fast way to earn extra money. The only real way to get sites like this to work for you is if you already have a downline in place and people willing to sign up under you.

With sites like this, there is no guarantee that you will see your money again. Sure one level two phase one the price isn't so much and could be worth checking out. But for those serious about wanting to earn money with this site, you will have to go into either phase two or three.

One thing that you have to consider before you sign up is where your first initial money is going. Since the system is set up where you don't earn commissions on your first level it is safe to assume that the money goes directly to the owner of the site.

Another thing you have to realize is that matrix systems like this one depend on people recruiting other people. Once the recruitment stops, so does the money going into the system.

You should probably find a different site to invest your money in. However, if you are dead set on Join-Promote-Profit, stick with the $2 cycler and slow build up your earnings. Also, only spend what you are willing to lose.

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