Kajabi bills itself as a “knowledge commerce” platform that allows users to design, sell, market, and deliver online-based training and education courses to the public with the help of their integrated tools and web hosting.

What Is Kajabi?

Kajabi’s CEO is Jonathan Cronstedt, most well-known as the CEO of MLM company Empower Network from 2013 to 2015 and for being the force behind Digital Marketer. Prior to his serving as CEO, Cronstedt also served as the company’s vice president of business development at one time.

Kajabi Product

Kajabi offers a comprehensive suite of resources for individuals interested in delving into e-commerce, and the tools on offer for those looking to create, market, and sell digital products and services is quite expansive.

A short list of these features include using the platform to turn content into marketable products in the form of online courses, membership sites, or downloadable media; a fully hosted website to provide as an online presence for not just your e-commerce storefront but a centralized location for customers; sales and marketing tools such as landing page creation, email newsletter writing, embedded video, and integrated payment processing; and a member management system to communicate with and more effectively market to current and past customers.

Pricing can vary depending on the number of features desired and whether you pay monthly or annually for access. Subscriptions start at $129/month for the basic version ($103/month if paid all at once) and can run as expensive as $899/month ($719/month with the annual payment option).

Kajabi Opportunity

While there’s no direct affiliate opportunity to be had by marketing Kajabi memberships, the platform itself has integrated tools for launching your own affiliate programs for products and services you create yourself. However, this feature is not available to lowest-tier subscribers, requiring either the high-level Premium plan or a mid-range Pro plan, which costs $389/month (or $311/month paid annually).

Kajabi Verdict

Kajabi, which just underwent a relaunch under Cronstedt’s assumption of the CEO title, so far seems to be positioning itself as an excellent e-commerce platform for the so-called “knowledge commerce” niche. While its pricing may be on the high side, the features users receive in return are expansive – even the $129 a month starter membership provides enough sales and marketing support to likely be a bargain when it comes to attempting to integrate all of Kajabi’s services by hand.

For complete novices, this may be too much. For those with a clear roadmap in place, though, Kajabi could serve as a good platform.

Based on independent reviews citing its expansive nature, its ease of use, and its product support, Kajabi is likely a good place to start for individuals who have a clear vision and ambition for what it takes to market your own knowledge commerce products and services. More advanced e-commerce marketers, or those with products that may not be immediately compatible with Kajabi’s platform, may need to take several additional steps to integrate these more custom-made options.

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